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Balika Vadhu has made me the Roop that I am today : Roop Durgapal

by Rituparna

When Roop Durgapal played the role Sanchi in Balika Vadhu, she never expected the show to become this huge. She tasted success right with this show. She began her career as a software engineer. But now she is in a different profession. “Balika Vadhu has made me the Roop that I am today,” says Roop who has a packed line up in 2020. In a candid chat with us Roop shares about her dream role, what she expect from 2020, her journey with Balika Vadhu and all that…

Expresso: How happy are you with 2019?

Roop: I have lost my mother this year so I can’t say I’m happy or 2019 was kind to me. And on the professional front, I’m working every day & this wants every actor wish.

Expresso: For you what was the biggest highlight of 2019 & What are your expectations from 2020?

Roop: Highlights of 2019- there were many but sometimes some unexpected things happen in life which made you forgot all your good ‘Highlights’, same happened with me also when my Mom left for another world. And its something which I can neither forgot nor replaces.
I guess we should never expect anything from anyone or any upcoming new year. Instead, we should work hard to fulfil our dreams & desire. So I just want to work more & more, to travel more & to make my mom proud every day.

Expresso: You began your career as a software engineer. And now you are in a different profession. What prompted you to get into this showbiz industry? Did you always want to be an actress?

Roop: I became an Engineer to fulfil my parents’ wish. Being an Actress was mine. I never thought I had it in me till college 1st year. I was crowned Miss Freshers & slowly not only I got very popular but also took part in plays and would sing in every college fest. Everybody knew she will either become a singer or an actor.

Expresso: How has your journey been with Balika Vadhu?

Roop: Balika Vadhu has made me the Roop I am today. I owe it big time. My first show & my most beautiful & popular character so far. Even now there are people and some co-actors & production people who still call me Saanchi & I like it as well.

Expresso: What is your dream role?
Roop: There is no specific dream role as such. But I have a special affinity towards romantic roles like the ones played by Kareena in Jab We Met & Kajol in DDLJ. Also playing a pyscho would be fun I guess.

Expresso: Besides your own show do you have any other favourites?
Roop:  I love shows on Netflix. My favourite is the English Scottish show “Outlander”. I am drawn towards science fiction & time travel stories.

Expresso: What are your weakness and strength?
Roop: My weakness is my family. My strength is also my family. Also, I have very sharp argumentative skills. Weakness can also be that I am very moody.

Expresso: If you have pickup a project what would you see?
Roop: I like to know the story & my contribution to it as a character. Furniture type roles are not my thing.

Expresso: The hardest part of being an actor?
Roop: It’s not a very stable profession but I don’t find it hard anymore. I am over that stage of finding anything hard about what I love.

Expresso: What are your next projects?
 Roop: I am currently a part of CIF, playing the chief Forensic Doctor and Lal Ishq which is a Horror -Romance.

Expresso: And an actor you had a crush on while growing up?
Roop: I had a different crush every day. Even now I crush on Turkish actors, Spanish actors every now & then. I haven’t changed much since childhood. As a child, the first actor crush was maybe Kanwaljit ji…But my biggest crush was Shoaib Akhtar.

Expresso: Describe in you three words?
 Roop: Dreamy, Funny, Fiesty

Expresso: The most important life lesson you have learnt with the time?

 Roop: Money may look like the ultimate wealth & source of happiness, but it is only a medium to achieve some sort of happiness. Real wealth is “Health”& Happiness comes through being peaceful & content.

Expresso: Do you ever pursue your singer persona?

Roop: Acting is my passion and my job. It is what has made me what I am. But Singing is Meditation… The acting could be in my blood today but Singing is in my soul. I have a youtube channel where I do covers. Would love to do playback for films also. Did record some songs for 2 films, but they never released. So hoping for the best in future now 🙂


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