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I am heartily attached with the character of Koyal : Apeksha Porwal

by Rituparna
Apeksha Porwal

Apeksha Porwal is a gorgeous model, actor and a trained dancer who had a dream in her eyes that one day she would definitely take off the title of Miss India. Having done several pageants, she is best known for her title of Femina Miss India 2015.  She debuted in film career with a successful web series Undekhi on Sony Liv in 2020. Her performance as Koyal was admired well by the fans as well as the critics. Apeksha as Koyal compelled the viewers to wait for Undekhi Season2 excitedly. Now, once more she is on-screen in much awaited Undekhi season2 on Sony Liv to fix the flags of her success.

Expresso interviewed Apeksha Porwal in which she revealed the making of Undekhi season 2.

Undekhi season 2 is receiving amazing response from the audience. So, how do you feel with the latest season?

Apeksha: I am extremely excited as this is the sequel of my first show. It is really super special and nearest to my heart. Previous season received a great overwhelming response from the audience. I hope the same blessings will be showered from the viewers for this new season.

Season 1 was much amazing. What kind of new theme is presented for the audience in Undekhi Season 2?

Apeksha: Season1 was truly intriguing to me. This time in season2, audience will enjoy a crime thriller drama which is completely overflowed with suspense. Viewers will remain unable to guess what is going to be next.

What special characteristics of the script of Season2 impressed you and motivated you to do it?

Apeksha: The story of previous season was written with a great grip over the thoughts. Same as, recent Season is also penned in a well organised manner. When I onset reading the script, I fell in love with it and continued for long. The characters are knitted in such a fine way that the suspense remains alive till the last scene. And sure, my character as Koyal is portrayed in a very beautiful style which appealed me a lot to portray it.

To play any part successfully, it is important to sink in its soul. Do you relate yourself with the character of Koyal?

Apeksha: The character of Koyal is very beautiful, but it is totally different from me on personal grounds. Despite such differences, few similarities are also existing between Koyal and me. You see, when Koyal decides to do something, she goes after it wholeheartedly and never leaves her mission in between. The same trait is available in my own personality also.

Apeksha, how did you prepare for this role? Did you have any reference about it?

Apeksha: Koyal is such type of character which faced a lot of difficulties in her life. It was very tough for me to prepare the physicality of the character. Getting prepared with correct body language and accent was not an easy task. But to play this character more authentically, a lot of preparation was done. On my behalf, I efforted as much as I could do to make this role more live and alluring.

Coming out from the character looks tough. Was it difficult for you to detach from the character of Koyal after the shoot?

Apeksha: Truly speaking, I am heartily attached with the character of Koyal. After first season, when I was offered Koyal in season2, I was much excited because I was missing being Koyal. I find it difficult for myself to detach from the character of Koyal. But the personal life is quite different, and we have definitely to come out from the reel life.

What type of Impacts did the whole journey left on you. Did you notice any kind of specific change in yourself?

Apeksha: There is not a specific transformation in me while portraying Koyal. I wouldn’t like to say that it changed me. But simultaneously, I accept that the character of Koyal is my favourite role. Having remain in the character for months make you feel imbibed with it.

Talking about shooting process, what was the most tough scene to perform?

Apeksha: Season 1 was shot in Manali. This time, we also had to shoot in one digit freezing temperature of Deepak Tal beyond Atal Tunnel which was completely difficult and demanding. Secondly, On the other hand, action scenes are sometimes very hard to perform.

Memories are just like a bridge for future happenings. What is your best memory from the shoot of Undekhi Season2?

Apeksha: I can’t pinpoint. But shooting in the jungle, natural beauty and in family like atmosphere are my best memories from the set.

Can you disclose me which Projects are in your pipeline furthermore?

Apeksha: There are a few projects waiting to be released. I cannot reveal you more about them. When they will be released, I will discuss more.

Expresso: Finally summing up with this question, what message would you like to give to the audience?

Apeksha:  This season is really full of crime thriller, suspense and action. The script is also very gripping. I entreat the audience to love this show as they loved the earlier season of Undekhi.

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