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Bhumi Pednekar Rescues Abused Girls in ‘Bhakshak’: A Profound Dive into Justice

Join Bhumi Pednekar in 'Bhakshak,' a compelling Netflix premiere on Feb 9, 2024, delving into the fight for justice and resilience in a shelter home for abused girls.

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Bhumi Pednekar Rescues Abused Girls in 'Bhakshak': A Profound Dive into Justice

This midweek, the curtains lifted on the much-anticipated trailer for Bhumi Pednekar’s forthcoming project, “Bhakshak.” In the trailer for the upcoming crime thriller “Bhakshak” from Netflix and Red Chillies Entertainment, Bhumi Pednekar’s character, an intrepid investigative journalist, boldly declares, “I’m on a quest for the truth, and there’s nothing amiss about that.” With unwavering determination, she harnesses every ounce of her strength to unravel the disturbing abuse of young girls within a shelter, setting the stage for a gripping and intense narrative.

Unveiled by Shah Rukh Khan on Wednesday, the trailer, spanning two minutes and 38 seconds, introduces Bhumi Pednekar as Vaishali Singh. Her character, driven by an unwavering commitment to truth, often finds herself at odds with her own family. Vaishali’s relentless pursuit leads her into jeopardy as she delves into the investigation of the exploitation of girls at a local shelter in Munawwarpur, Uttar Pradesh. Adding to the intrigue, Aditya Srivastava, renowned for his role in C.I.D., portrays the morally dubious owner of the shelter.

Assisted by her ally, Mr. Bhaskar, Vaishali staunchly advocates for the rights of the girls in the shelter, even in the face of resistance from colleagues urging her to drop the case to avoid upsetting influential figures. Her unwavering dedication begins to take a toll on her family life, with husband Arvind (portrayed by Surya Sharma) noting that she has embraced the case more personally than professionally, sparking a poignant conflict within her dual roles.

The trailer concludes with a powerful moment as Vaishali directly confronts the audience, challenging them with a profound question: “Do you still identify as human, or have you become a predator (bhakshak)?” This thought-provoking query leaves a lingering impact, inviting viewers to reflect on the complexities explored within the narrative.

Featuring a stellar ensemble cast including Sanjay Mishra, Sai Tamhankar, and Surya Sharma, “Bhakshak” is produced by Gauri Khan and Gaurav Verma under the Red Chillies Entertainment banner. Shah Rukh Khan, sharing the impactful trailer, expressed, “A tale of unwavering strength that demands to be heard. Bhakshak, a film inspired by true events, is set to release on 9th February, exclusively on Netflix.”

Bhumi also took to her Instagram handle to share the trailer. The actress captioned her post with a thought-provoking question, “Insaan ya Bhakshak? Samay aa chuka hai chun ne ka!! #Bhakshak, a film inspired by true events, releasing on 9th February, only on Netflix.” Her caption adds an intriguing layer to the anticipation, urging the audience to ponder the choices presented in the film. This crime thriller, drawing inspiration from real events, is set to premiere on Netflix on February 9, as announced by the production banner alongside a striking poster.

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