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Brahmastra : Ayan Mukherji Shares The Concept Of The Astraverse

by Team Expresso

Again, the world will experience the fable of ancient Indian Astras in
Brahmastra. The spiritual power of Astras will be reckoned with the
modernized society. Indian fantasy based film Brahmastra will be classic but
not cliché. Bollywood star, Ranbir Kapoor’s character as a Shiva will be
essayed along with Amitabh Bachchan, Alia Bhatt, Nagarjuna, and
Mouni Roy in this film.
The “brahmastra film” Instagram handle page, has currently captioned- “With just
under 2 months to the release, let’s dive deeper into Ayan Mukherji’s Vision of
Brahmastra and the Concept of the Astraverse…#Brahmastra”.

Taking a look at the Instagram handle, film director Ayan Mukherjee narrated the
myth regarding the Astraverse (The world of Astras). He has represented different
Indian Astras such as Vanarastra, Prabhastra, Nandi Astra, Jalastra, Pawanastra,
and Brahmastra by an amazing graphical representation.

Ayan Mukherji was describing the energy like water, and wind fire behind Ancient Indian Astras. He has mentioned in this video “We have been building the foundation of a universe
of cinema… Based on the concept of Astras”. He has also depicted the light of the
universe- “BRAHM SHAKTI”. The story of Indian astra’s mythology will be
ingested into the modern world in “BRAHMASTRA”- one of the most powerful
Astra among ‘Astraverse’. The movie will be essayed, by protagonist actor, Ranbir
Kapoor as ‘Siva’ who has miracle Brahmastra (Agni Astra). He is named after the
most mystical God “SHIVA” (MAHADEV). At the end part of this video, Ayan
Mukherji has shown his immense devotion to his spiritual inspiration ‘LORD

Watching this breathtaking graphical presentation of Astras, Fans are showing their
excitement through their responses. Some of them have mentioned- “Amazing
Blockbuster movie on the way”, “Love the concept art!”, “Let the revolution begin.
HAR HAR MAHADEV”, and “Really excited for this film can’t wait.”

Moreover, the “brahmastrafilm” page has posted an astonishing trailer on its
Instagram handle.

In this trailer, Ranbir and Alia’s on-screen chemistry, and excellent graphics
give the creative effects of ancient Indian history. Besides this, the glimpse of
Amitabh Bachchan, Mouni, and Nagarjuna is highly acclaimed. The world will
experience a roller coaster ride of thrill, adventure, ancient mythology, and
cherishing love story with “Brahmastra”.
Recently Alia shared one of the happiest news of the confirmation of her
motherhood. Fans must shower their love on her upcoming baby child as well as
the most awaited movie Brahmastra, which will be premiered on the 9 th of

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