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Wow! Momo Helps The Elder People By Free Delivery Of The Basic Needs

by Team Expresso

To help one another in times of crisis is humanity. While the entire nation has come together to help one another in their own little ways to fight the COVID-19 outbreak, the leading brands are no exception to it. 

The virus that has been wiping thousands of lives across the globe, is rapidly taking its toll in India as well. With the entire nation being under lockdown, the economy has dropped to a new low and business, be it small scale or the large ones, are suffering immensely as a result of all this. 

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With hundreds of people being affected and millions are facing a crisis as a result of this outbreak. From a lack of basic needs like food to financial crunch, from lack of proper medical support to gradually sliding economy, every Indian is struggling to fight their own battle to survive. 

However, during these trying times, we are also witnessing, yet another thing, the restoration of our faith in humanity. The entire nation is locked down and millions are struggling to get their basic needs, there are many, who have stood up to help the nation in whichever way possible. From the leading corporate names to local NGOs or even that man on your neighbourhood, each one of us are trying to help one another, in whichever means possible to make sure, we fight this away together.

While people from across the country have been donating immensely for this crisis, there are many, who took wonderful initiatives to ensure, we all are in the fight and no one loses the battle against this virus. 

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While Sun Pharma, a leading pharmaceutical brand donated drugs and sanitizers worth 25 lakhs, Parle Products is giving away 30 million packets of Parle G. Godrej Group, on the other hand, has distributed 1 million packets of handwash in Maharashtra and Hindusthan Unilever Limited distributed 20 million pieces of Lifebuoy soaps to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Xiaomi India has donated masks for police and health workers, who are fighting regularly in front line to ensure the health and security of the entire nation, Infosys has helped establishing smart classes in Karnataka to ensure, education never stops, come what may be.

Maruti Suzuki has taken the initiative to help scale up production of ventilators; Mahindra & Mahindra has offered to use its manufacturing units to make ventilators and resorts for temporary care facilities. 

While we all are reading of this wonderful initiatives apart from the massive financial contribution made by almost every brand and celebrating, it also makes us proud to acknowledge the fact that 2 Kolkata based brands, who has made it big on the national level as well, has come up with beautiful initiatives to help our fellow citizens during this time of crisis. One of the most well-known electronic stores who have a nation-wide presence, Great Eastern Retail is providing 14000 units of meal to unsheltered people to ensure they do not remain hungry in this fight. There are thousands who are daily wage earners, thousands who have no shelters, this wonderful initiative is aimed to help them and stand by them, as the entire nation is under threat. 

Wow! Momo on the other hand started an initiative where they are helping the elderly population by delivering them their basic requirements at their doorstep completely free. A good number of elderly people reside in Kolkata alone, with just domestic helps to help them. During this lockdown period, without the help of their domestic helps, they are more vulnerable to this virus attack and are hence most helpless. Wow! Momo has extended a helping hand for them. One call can ensure all the requirements delivered at their doorsteps, which indeed is a wonderful initiative for the brand. 

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