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Easy Recipe : Vegan Burrito Bowl

by Team Expresso
Vegan Buritto Bowl


Build Item Grammage
Base Boiled Red Rice 200 Gm.
Salt Pepper 1 Gm.
Refried Kidney Bean’s Boiled Kidney Bean’s 25 Gm.
Red Chilli Sauce 85 Gm.
Mexican Sprinkler 1 Gm.
Roasted Cumin Powder As per taste NA
Salt  As per taste NA
Chop Fresh Coriander 6 Gm.
Tofu Cumin Oil 5 Ml
Dice Tofu 100 Gm.
Roasted Cumin Powder 1 Gm.
Hot /Grilled Vegetable Sweet Corn 40 Gm.
Clean Raw Spinach 40 Gm.
Raw Juline Cut’s Bell Pepper 40 Gm.
Cold Stuff Shredded Ice Burg Lettuce 25 Gm.
Mexican Salsa 35 Gm.
Guacamole Dip 60 Gm.



  1. Pre-cook the Red rice on a medium flame
  2. Take a plastic bowl and pour the cooked red rice and season it with salt and pepper and then microwave it for 60 seconds
  3. Take A Combo Bowl and Toss Red Rice at the bottom of the bowl
  4. Spread the Guacamole Dip on The First Right Side followed by the Mexican Salsa Dip
  5. Shred the Ice Berg Lettuce next to the Mexican Salsa dip
  6. Then arrange the Tossed Cumin Tofu next to the salsa & pour Refried Kidney Bean’s On The Tofu
  7. Then arrange the sautéed Sweet Corn next to Toss Tofu
  8. Then arrange The sautéed Bell Pepper next to the sauté Sweet Corn
  9. Then arrange Clinted (Sauté Spinach With Garlic Oil) next to the sautéed Bell Pepper

Your scrumptious yet delicious vegan burrito bowl is now ready to serve…

This recipe shares by Souvik Gupta, Culinary Head at Loft





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