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I appreciated Abhishek for his professional attitude: Diya Annapurna Ghosh

by Team Expresso
Diya Annapurna Ghosh

By Rituparna Sengupta Basu

Offspring of renowned director Sujoy Ghosh, Diya Annapurna commenced her walk of life as assistant Director, now she is a well-familiar Indian film writer and Bollywood director from West Bengal. She is very candid, cool natured industrious lady. She acknowledged her calibre too when she was putting her finger into the bone as assistant director.  As a debutante, she derived a chance to toil with polished, professional and experienced actors like Abhishek Bachchan, Chitrangda Singh and Paran Bandopadhyay. She has got iron done by her efficious performance in ‘Bob Biswas’.

Concerning her first experience in first flick, we tried to know her heart inside. Some of the innermost feelings of Diya are ornamented in front of you.

First of all cordially congratulations for your successful debut in the industry, so what are your innermost feelings about that all?

Diya: (Laughs) Tremendously superior. Honestly, I didn’t expect as much as I received. I thank all the well wishers for this kind affection.

How did you get inspired to such an outstanding concept?

Diya: You see, Bob Biswas from Kahaani (2012) was extremely victorious project of my father that collected a warm greetings among audience. That was the basic ground, I developed Bob’s character and inspired to etched it on screen.

Saswata Chatterjee still alive in the memories of the viewers as Bob Biswas, so what kind of challenges did you face to break this stereotype?

Diya: O yeah! When the role was bestowed to Abhishek, the principal challenge was transforming the getup and to bring Bob Biswas to original touch. In the actual fact, that was much hard to maintain the similar look like old Bob. Take the illustration of James Bond, When the actor changes, things shuffle.  The story of Bob Biswas is slightly unalike from Kahaani and we also tried to inculcate new consequences and mannerisms to the character of Bob.

Abhishek shook the spectators by his fabulous acting, how was his reaction at the first sight when the role was put forward to him?

Diya: (Laughs) The onliest reaction of Abhishek that I can state is his humble behaviour and true happiness while accepting this role. He is a true gentleman.

You have plugged away with Abhishek on set. State any quality of him that you genuinely want to appreciate?

Diya: Two abilities are extremely praiseworthy in Abhishek, they are his industrious approach and professional attitude. I always appreciated him for those.

If you are questioned for the scene closest to your heart from Bob Biswas, which scene would you like to plump for?

Diya: (Replies quickly) ‘Rabbit Killing Scene’ is adjoining to my heart as we enjoyed a great fun shooting that scene. Owing to this scene, animals were with in reach on set and I truly love them.

Having worked as a director for the first time, what did you experience on set?

Diya: On account of being my first chance, this was more hard working and meaningful for me to be a director of the film. On set, everyone was ample supportive and professional.  The tasks such as characterisation of different characters could be managed within a short span of time, only because of the attentiveness of the team.

Being a daughter of Sujoy Ghosh, what qualities of your father did you try to impart in yourself?

Diya: (Smiles) Exactly, I take in to stay less stressed and calm from him. To some extent, I was stressed as this was my first project.  But hopefully in the next one, it will not be happened.

What is next in your pipeline?

Diya: I am pencilling something, when I will finalize to execute, I will let you know surely.

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