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It Is Better To Accept This Tough Phase And Think That The Time Shall Pass: Hiten Tejwani

by Rituparna
Hiten Tejwani

The multi-talented characteristics or creativities of many people have come into the forefront amid this lockdown. Even the television industry is no exception at all. From showcasing their cooking video, workout video and many things kept on uploading on the social media.

Even renowned actor Hiten Tejwani also appraise awesome short movies, music videos that are shot by the actor himself during the lockdown. In a nice, happening conversation with us actor shares about his quarantine days, his ongoing and upcoming projects and many more.

Expresso: How do you spend most of the time in this quarantine period?

Hiten: Staying indoors is the only option we all have right now. So, most of the times I watch TV till late at night, I am working with my various short films too. Due to all this, I wake up late in the morning.

This is certainly not a good habit since once I come back to the normal routine I have to wake up early in the morning. So, I will have to start practising the habit three to four weeks before things get back to normal.

Expresso: What are the new things that you have learned during this phase?

Hiten: I did not take any kind of online classes even though my kids are taking their online classes since for them it is important not to miss out on any important classes. But, if you ask me, then I am reading books since I love reading. Also, the lockdown has allowed me to read.

Expresso: Name one of the books that you are currently reading and enjoying it?

Hiten: Currently, I am reading Love in the Time of Cholera. Even though I have just started reading it, but I am finding it quite interesting.

Expresso: Any show that you have binge-watched lately?

Hiten: Recently, I have started watching Legacy of the Bones, and it has two parts wherein this is the second part. Apart from that, I am also watching Fleabag on Amazon Prime Video. Other than that, I am watching Panchayat as well. I have finished with all the latest shows and series on both Netflix as well as Amazon Prime Video.

Expresso: Name any one thing which you have discovered about yourself?

Hiten: What I have learned from quarantine is I can certainly live with two pairs of clothes. Also, I know how to cook, but I am not allowed in the kitchen. If I get a choice, then I would love to cook as well.

Expresso: Any new upcoming projects during lockdown that will entertain people?

Hiten: I have been working upon many short films during the lockdown period. A few days back I uploaded a music video, and I am working on a short film as well. It will take time, but it will be out soon.

Expresso: It is tough to shoot for music videos at home so what are the difficulties that you have faced?

Hiten: Undoubtedly, it is tough since when you are acting you just have to focus on acting, but when you are taking the responsibility of an entire short film, you will have to focus on various things such as lighting, camera angle, etc. So, all in all, it is a little difficult, but it is not impossible.

Expresso: Mention three things that nobody knows about you?

Hiten: I don’t think that there is something that people don’t know about me since I have been for many years in the industry. I am like an open book and everyone knows things about me. So, I precisely cannot say about any three things that people don’t know about me.

Expresso: You have been in Big Boss’s house and now at your own house so is there any difference?

Hiten: Yes, a lot of difference since over there we never got to know about time. Also, at Big Boss’s house, we did not have access to phones, but at the house, we can talk to our families, friends, and we can see films, we can read. At the house, we are getting all the necessities and facilities and I do not think that anything better could be than this.hiten-gauri

Expresso: Before and after Big Boss, what changes did you went through?

Hiten: I went through a lot of changes. I always remained positive over there, and also, it has helped me to work on my patience level, and nowadays I have certainly become more patience. So, I am quite chilled out these days and I am trying to stay away from any kind of tension.

Expresso: Among the various characters, you have played, which one is your favourite?

Hiten: My favourite character would always be Pratham and then Karan Virani. Both of them will remain favourites forever I guess.

Expresso: What is your dream role?

Hiten: I cannot give any direct answer to this question since till now I did not get any such role that will set an example for others, and I am eagerly looking forward to such character. I am not sure that what kind of role it would be since due to web series I am getting any roles.

You never know when you will get a role that will be the creative artist’s idea and I am waiting for such roles.

Expresso: Describe yourself in a hashtag?

Hiten: It would be happy-go-lucky, cool, and chilled out.

Expresso: Any message for the audience on COVID-19?

Hiten: I would say that try to remain positive as much as you want, talk to positive people. Watch comedy films, nice movies, have good thoughts read good books since this is a phase, which no one ever thought about and so everybody has to fight it. So, it is better to accept it and think that the time shall pass.

For now, it is better to stay indoors and once everything is over, we will again be getting back to normal life.

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