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The Climax was very challenging for me : Konkona Sen Sharma

by Team Expresso

By Rituparna Sengupta 

With creating a unique identity with her extraordinary acting Skills, the proud daughter of our legendary Actor turned director Aparna Sen, Konkona Sen Sharma is ready to mesmerize the audience with her project on OTT. After doing so many versatile roles in a variety of films from ‘Wake up Sid’, ‘Life in a Metro’ to ‘Titli’, here she is yet again, with another out-an-out challenging role of a Social Services director in Mumbai Diaries 26/11. In a recent conversation with us, the director of ‘A Death in the Gunj’ opens up about her new role, upcoming projects, and the journey so far. Let’s check it out:

The entire show of Mumbai Diaries 26/11 has been widely appreciated. You have earlier worked on OTT platform. But this can be called your debut in a real sense. So, what made you choose these 8 episodes series?

Konkona: Come on! I am working as an actor for 20 years now! Jokes apart, when I read the script I found it very interesting and engaging at the same time. So, I said yes and I really hope that people love it.

There is a dialogue in it that “Darr badi ajeeb cheez hai, ya to hum darr ke haar maan sakte hai ya fir himmat-bandh sakte hai” so your character Chitra Das goes through a lot of trauma in this series; how challenging it was for you?

Konkona:  Well, Chitra Das is a very unusual character for me as I haven’t played this type of character before. So, it was interesting for me. She’s a Social Services Director in a Government Hospital, and she is not a typically strong woman and she actually lacks self-belief. Actually, it was very different for me to portray such a role.

After the shoot was over, was it difficult for you to get out of the traumatized character?

Konkona: Actually no, because I have been acting for two decades. I have played many intense and moving roles and I agree that something remains inside you even after finishing the shoot. But I can detach myself from any character with ease.Mumbai diaries 26/11

Did you feel any nervousness anywhere in the story?

Konkona: No, I didn’t feel nervous at all, because it was in hands of Nikhil Advani & the team and, to be honest, they have done a great job with every aspect of the project. The show was completely set inside the hospital and it revolved around the lives of the hospital staff and the emotional turmoil they might go through. The inception of the story was based on that.

What was the most challenging yet accomplished scene according to you as an actor?

Konkona: Well, there’s a blast scene where I was tied with the harness and I had to land somewhere after the explosion; so that was very challenging for me. Though I did it with full confidence and that scene really turned out to be good.

Mumbai diaries 26/11 Mumbai diaries 26/11

For you which one is more interesting Movies or Web Series?

Konkona: I have done so many films like Guilly Poochie or A Monsoon Date, or the feature film like Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare, and then I have done a film with my mother, which is tentatively a religious one. So, you see I have been getting interesting works to do. However, you can say that now it’s more about OTT because of the Covid situation but I don’t think it matters whether it’s a feature film or a web series. It’s all about the story and how well-perceived it is!

How was Nikhil on set as your director?

Konkona: Oh! it was wonderful; I truly enjoyed working with him. He is an energetic person; someone with a lot of enthusiasm. But the one thing that I really liked about him is that he did his part of the research and even shared the same with us to be on the same page.

26/11 is one of the traumatic memories for all of us. Do you have any specific thoughts or memory attached to the incident?

Konkona: Actually, I was out of Mumbai during the 26/1 incident but was getting all the news. It was definitely a scary situation and I was so terrified and was in a state of disbelief that something like that was happening in Mumbai.

As you said earlier that you have spent 20 years in this industry, so what is unique about your experience?

Konkona: I do live in my present and hardly look back. Now, even if I do, I see my choices, my achievements and am thankful for what I have got in my life. So, no regrets!

It’s being 4 years that you directed ‘A Death in the Gunj’; so when is the next?

Konkona: It was a story deep inside me and I wanted to share it. But to be honest, I am not a director and acting is my forte.

We are eagerly waiting for your next show when it is coming?

Konkona: I have just completed a film with my mother Aparna Sen. It is tentatively titled as “The Rapist”. It has Arjun Rampal and Tanmay Dhanianya and me. It is going to the Busan International Film Festival in South Korea. Fingers Crossed!







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