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Five Beautiful Tea Estates In India You Can Explore

by Team Expresso

By Shayak Sanyal

“A cup of tea is a cup of peace.” This riveting quote by Kem Cohen perfectly encapsulates our strong and affectionate bond that we have for tea. At a time when we have to battle with endless sorrows, dilemmas, stress, and anxieties that emanate from all corners of our day-to-day life, then drinking one cup of tea can act as a remedy to cure our mind and soul with a dose of optimism and hope.

Apart from its curing effects, tea is highly popular for its enriching and exotic fragrances that have categorized the same as our favourite beverage to cherish like never before.

From sitting inside a cozy homestay to sipping a cup of piping hot tea whilst enjoying the sprawling lush green hills during the rainy season, the temptation of traveling for the sake of showcasing and fulfilling your love and affection towards that place known for its lush tea plantations will entice you to make plans to visit the popular tea estates for your upcoming vacation in a bid to savor the flavour of unique varieties of tea like never before.

HAPPY VALLEY TEA ESTATE, DARJEELING- You cannot afford to miss visiting Darjeeling at first if you are in search of visiting the popular tea estates in India. The Darjeeling tea which is famous for its special aroma and exquisite taste is exported in the foreign markets as well and  it stands out as the most preferred choice for all tea lovers alike.

A visit to the Happy Valley Tea Estate in the outskirts of Darjeeling and walking along the tea gardens with the fragrance of the tea leaves everywhere along with the breathtaking views of Mt Kanchenjunga and the vast green mountains will keep you enthralled like anything. A brief interaction with the labourers working there will help you to gain insights about the history and significance of the happy valley tea estate along with plenty of useful information pertaining to harvesting, plantation, marketing, seasons, challenges, opportunities etc.

NILGIRI TEA ESTATE, TAMIL NADU   If you are visiting the isolated pockets of the Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu, then the iconic Nilgiri Tea Estate remains the top attraction that is worth visiting.

It was first established in the year 1845 by the British, and it soon became an important landmark in this state for its strong and aromatic tea that the estates produce on a seasonal basis. With a layer of mist shrouding the mountains along with the view of the vast expanse of the green tea gardens while appreciating the same with a cup of black Nilgiri tea, your trip to the Nilgiri tea estate will be a riveting one to behold.

DARANG TEA ESTATE, HIMACHAL PRADESH- Considered to be almost 150 years old in Himachal Pradesh, the Darang Tea estate is one of the famous tea estates in this state which are frequented by travellers and tea lovers every year.

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of McLeodgang in the midst of emerald valleys and pristine hills along with the mesmerizing sight of the snowy Dhauladhar Range in the distance, a visit to Darang Tea Estate will elevate your level of excitement by its unparalled natural splendour and everlasting tranquilly when you are experiencing the aura of this place by relishing the authentic taste of its exotic tea.

CINNAMORA TEA ESTATE, ASSAM-   It is one of the most picturesque tea estates in Assam and you should think of visiting it during your trip. With the enticing greenery and the appealing scent of newly planted tea leaves welcoming you at their doorsteps, you can’t resist the temptation to explore this tea estate by walking along the narrow lanes with tea bushes surrounding you from both directions.

If you are curious to know about the harvesting process of tea, then the plantation workers, who are very cordial with the guests, are there to explain to you all the procedures involved in a methodological way so that you can get an clear cut insight about the tea plantation process, how it is harvested and marketed in other parts of the Country.

KELAGUR TEA ESTATE, KARNATAKA– Perched in the hilly terrains of Karnataka is the Kelagur Tea Estate, which drives tourists from all over the country throughout the year for its salubrious climate that it enjoys. The tea plantations are done by using primitive tools as well as emphasising more on organic substances, which promises healthy organic yields.

As you keep strolling along the designated route in the interior of the tea gardens in the midst of solitude, the grandeur of this 1500 acre land, which occasionally gets enveloped by a layer of fog, along with the views of the green mountains of varying shapes and sizes, will invoke your feelings of being in Darjeeling.

Before leaving, you can also buy packets of tea leaves from the authorised shops of this tea estate at an affordable rate to relish the unique flavour of the authentic organic tea of South India wholeheartedly.

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