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Fighter: Exclusive BTS Video Reveals Authentic Air Force Life

Get a sneak peek into the real Air Force world with Fighter's behind-the-scenes footage. Explore Siddharth Anand's directorial venture before it hits theaters on Thursday.

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Fighter: Exclusive BTS Video Reveals Authentic Air Force Life

In the realm of highly anticipated movies this year, “Fighter” takes center stage, marking the inaugural pairing of Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone in a film. Ahead of the movie’s release on January 25, the production banner Marflix Pictures posted a video on Instagram, offering a glimpse behind the scenes.

In their pursuit of authenticity in depicting the Indian Air Force, the makers of “Fighter” opted to use real-life planes, military bases, and meeting rooms during the shoot, filmmaker Siddharth Anand revealed in a behind-the-scenes video released on Tuesday. The caption read, “Hundreds of people, thousands of storyboards, and years of hard work. Taking you behind the lens of the action.”

Siddharth, in collaboration with Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone for the film, articulated the commitment to creating an ‘authentic’ portrayal of the Air Force. He explained, “We utilised real planes, genuine choppers, actual bases, real meeting rooms, authentic tarmacs, and real hangars.” Siddharth Anand elaborated on the production of “Fighter,” stating that it demanded an “insane amount of preparation by hundreds of people.” He emphasised that the intricate process took “years” and involved the creation of “thousands of storyboards.”

In emphasising Siddharth’s dedication to detail, producer Ramon Chibb described him as a “stickler for detail” who insisted on authenticity. Chibb noted the creation of a career graph for each officer in the film and highlighted the director’s meticulous efforts, ensuring perfection in the Air Force uniforms. In addressing the film’s preparations, Siddharth emphasised the focus on the communication dynamics among Air Force officers, the intricate manoeuvres of fighter planes, and the military training undertaken by all the on-screen officers.

Speaking about “Fighter,” where she portrays Squadron Leader Minni, Deepika highlighted the film’s all-encompassing charm. She mentioned, “It has patriotism, entertainment, drama, and romance. I genuinely see it as a complete entertainer.”

In the description of “a love letter to the skies,” “Fighter” unveils daring jet stunts and intense aerial action scenes. Siddharth concluded by expressing, “Fighter will surprise you with its emotions, with its patriotism. It’s going to be a journey with highs and lows, akin to a heartbeat.”

In January 2021, the announcement of “Fighter” set the stage for its release. Originally intended for a theatrical debut in September 2022, the pre-production setbacks resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic led to a rescheduled release. “Fighter” is now set to premiere on January 25, 2024, coinciding with the eve of Republic Day.

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