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Nine Essential Tips For First Time Travelers

by Team Expresso
Nine Essential Tips For First Time Travelers

By Shayak Sanyal

In the world of stress and fear, everybody wants to seek pleasure and reunion by travelling to far-off places within India or abroad.

From sitting under the sky while admiring the vast expanse of the Arabian Sea to embarking on an exhausting trek in some of the most inhospitable corners of the Himalayas, travelling as an art can entice all types of people, from amateurs to professionals, to discover the world’s hidden wonders.

First-time travellers are equally eager to break free from their monotonous lifestyles in order to achieve something they have long desired for.

If you are travelling for the first time, following these 9 cardinal tips methodologically can prove to be immensely worthwhile to make your first travel dreams come true.

CHOOSE WISELY– As a first time traveler, you first have to decide the place where you want to go and have a logical stand that why you want to go.

While you choose your place of interest, do a brief research about the historical, geographical and cultural aspects of that place to diversify your information base so that you do not have to encounter with additional and unforeseen problems, but it is recommended that to fulfill your budding travel plans, you should initially focus on exploring some nearby offbeat locations before you start to widen up your travel plans by including far off destinations in your list.

EARLY PLANNER– After you have chosen the place of interest, the next step that follows is early planning.

This implies that you have to book everything in advance so that you don’t have to deal with any possible hardships that might arise on your way.

Try to book your train/air tickets and hotel at least 3 months prior to the commencement of your trip with an authorized travel agent who is going to be your guiding factor for deciding the success of travelling for the first time.

If you are faced with any complications, then it is your travel agent who will be able to successfully navigate you to overcome all the necessary odds.

ARRANGE  YOUR TRAVEL INSURANCE– Although this might sound a bit convoluted for first-time travellers, you never know when this will prove to be of immense help.

You can contact your certified insurance provider, who is going to help you out with all the procedures needed to arrange the travel insurance.

Your travel insurance will provide you with an additional layer of protection against heavy financial losses in the event of missing flights, losing passports or accidents.

TIMING– Time plays a very indispensable role in deciding the fortunes of your first time travel plans.

To avoid the problem of overcrowding and shortage of bookings, always plan your first trip during off-seasons when you can easily enjoy your holiday destination peacefully from the core of your heart.

Off-season vacations are often very cost-effective for first-time travelers, and this is something they should look for.

PACK YOUR BELONGINGS- During your first trip, you should put some emphasis on the weight of the luggage that you are going to carry.

As a first-time traveler, make sure your backpack does not contain your entire wardrobe! If you are travelling to the mountains or a coastal town, then go through the weather forecast of that place and pack accordingly.

At times, carrying extra luggage can be extremely laborious and can eat up your valuable time, which could have been easily spent peacefully by exploring the unknown lands.

KEEP YOUR ESSENTIALS HANDYYour essentials which includes your tickets and documents like aadhar cards, voter id cards, passports, vaccination certificates, travel insurance, hotel booking papers are going to be your lifeline for your trip.

Without carrying these documents, your travel plans will get shattered into pieces. Besides if you are planning to go for a hike in the Mountains, that do not forget to carry adequate medicines, a battery pack, portable lights, waterproof sleeping bags and plenty of dry foods that can keep the spirit of travelling alive.

THE ART OF FLEXIBILITY – Being flexible is extremely important for first-time travelers. As you are going to travel to an unknown destination, you have to adopt yourself to the changing scenarios, which are reflected in terms of weather, culture, food, language, and behavior.

By adopting yourself to the taste of the local cuisine or the prevailing atmospheric conditions, you are not only fulfilling your first-time travel plans but also mutually connecting yourself with a new ambiance which is in sharp contrast with your previous ones.

CLOSE THE VIRTUAL DOOR-It is recommended that when you are going to travel for the first time, you should deactivate your profiles from all social media accounts for an interim duration.

Since you have made a plan to fulfill your first travel dream, unnecessarily wasting your free time by browsing your feed serves no purpose. Instead, you can dedicate yourself with the local residents and start up a conversation on any interesting topic.

You can also go out for a brief walk in the town with them as they can come up with ideas and tips that you require the most.

ENJOY TO THE FULLEST– While traveling, just keep focusing on your travel dreams. You don’t have to think about your workplace and endless hours of a hectic schedule.

Explore and keep enjoying the beauty of your travel destination as much as you want without any interference, because when you are out of your comfort zone to fulfill your budding travel dreams, then nobody can stop you from achieving that feat successfully.

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