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HBD Sunil Grover : 5 Iconic Characters Of The Actor That Will Never Leave Out Hearts

by Team Expresso
Happy Birthday Sunil Grover

With extraordinary acting skills and unparallel comic timing, Sunil Grover has become a household name. On several occasions, he has been crowned as ‘Comedy king’ by people. He never failed to put a smile on faces and making people laugh their hearts out.

The actor is responsible for taking comedy to a next level that made the audience go gaga over him. His immense popularity is very prominent. Every character that he portrayed onscreen is bound to evoke rib-tickling laughter leaving a long-lasting impression on us. His jokes never get old and still carries the same amusement.

As the actor-comedian turned a year wiser today, let’s walk down the lane of memories together and reminisce some of the iconic onscreen characters of Sunil Grover that gave us a barrel of laughs.

Dr. Mashoor Gulati

There never has been a more hilarious character on Indian television than Dr. Mashoor Gulati. He was a regular character on The Kapil Sharma Show. Sunil Grover portrayed a character of a doctor who cannot be trusted curing any disease. On several occasions, he came up with different peculiar treatments for the celebrity guests and delivered many hilarious moments.

Rinku Devi

Rinku Devi is another onscreen comic character that Sunil Grover portrayed in the same show. He effortlessly transformed into a feisty, bold middle-class woman who is proudly unhappy with her marriage and looking out for love in the show. Rinku Devi is as hilarious as she is scandalous and Sunil Grover left no stone unturned bringing such a sassy and badass character to the table.


There is no single fan of Sunil who hasn’t sung Guthi’s welcome song “Aap Aaye Hai Iss Bagiya Mein”. Sunil Grover perfectly painted a flirty woman onscreen. It was a regular character on the Comedy nights with Kapil. B-town big celebrities couldn’t help but laud Sunil Grover for nailing this fictional character. Guthi is another example that proves the versatility of Sunil Grover who can effortlessly get under the skin of any written character.

Amitabh Bachchan

Sunil Grover is blessed with the exceptional art of mimicry. Till date, he has aced every character that he chose to mimic. In one of the award shows Sunil Grover shocked everyone while imitating Big B. Only someone as talented as Sunil Grover can pull off this onstage mimicry of Amitabh Bachchan. His intense voice, comic timing, and bizarre reactions broke everyone into laughter.

Pramod  Khurana

One of the hilarious characters from the show Kanpur Wala Khuranas, Sunil Grover won hearts again with his unconventional role as Pramod Khurana. Pramod’s characteristic trait of pulling up his pants every time he’s on TV never failed to crack audiences. His hysterical accent is still popular among the audience.

Sunil Grover is truly a gem and we are fortunate to have such a versatile and bold actor in the Bollywood industry who never feared to portray any character or role on the big screen. Every single work of the actor made us fall more for him. His relatable jokes make us feel a little lighter at the end of each heavy day. The actor continues to entertain us with his prominent work on television and the big screen.

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