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Enjoy The Season Of Colours With These Delicious Offerings

by Team Expresso
Matka Ka Jhatka_ Traffic Gastropub

Holi brings a fresh burst of colors to everyone’s heart. Colors of spring, colors of life, love, and newness. We celebrate those colors as the season itself gets celebratory. And what is a celebration without food? Spring is the season of newness and freshness. And the celebratory menu should also be fresh, new. Right? Keeping that in mind these restaurants in Kolkata, have come up with their delectable Holi offerings for you to enjoy. Let us too, dive deep and soak up in the colors of Spring.

Traffic Gastropub

Inspired by streets, cars, and the pandemonium that engulfs people while traveling on the road, the ambiance of this gastropub reflects the world of traffic at large. Recycled items such as bottles, tins, and parts of a bicycle are utilized by Traffic Gastropub that gives us the feel of that rustic and industrial look, setting it apart from the other pubs in town. The industrial décor coupled with desi style graffiti and murals will amuse you in addition, to the wackiest cocktails that is, at par with quality.

Rang Rasiya_Traffic Gastropub

Rang Rasiya_Traffic Gastropub

What: Traffic Holi Menu

Where: 2nd Floor, City Centre 2, Rajarhat, Newtown, Kolkata-700157

When: March 24– 31, 2021

Timing: 12 Noon – 12 Midnight

Cost for two: Rs. 1500/- (Approx) with alcohol

On the menu:


  • Holi ThandaiShots (Bar Man’s Special)
  • Colour of Life (A vodka-based drink with a simple mixture of orange and cranberry juice)
  • Waiting for Green Signal (A concoction of vodka, white rum and dark rum mixed with simple syrup, aam panna, green mint and chaat masala)


  • BhigiChunri (Cheesy malai chicken boti)
  • Matka ka Jhatka (Chicken matka served with trio dip)
  • Rang Rasiya (Mutton kosha stuffed panipuri)


  • BalamPichkari (Son Halwa in Traffic Tri colour)

Sab Ka Club

Sab keliye Sab Ka Club! That’s the impression of this unique all-day, all-season food hub—a place for all to put their feet up! Sab Ka Club has innovatively explored its sprawling space to create a heterogeneous environment. There’s a section where the opulence of a typical zamindar’s house is represented through the ornate-looking wrought iron chairs placed around a faux fountain, which captures the mood of a bygone era. An extension of this section sports chandelier, ornamented lampshades, a gigantic lotus painting covering a wall, rich upholstery with floral motifs, and white pillars adding to the colonial feel.

Jalapeno Cheese balls_Sabka Club

Jalapeno Cheese balls_Sabka Club

Black and white checkered tiled flooring, white and grey colors, vibrantly rich velvet curtains, wooden furniture with a teak finish, unfinished walls, and pink lotuses have all combined to create an interior that boasts of a mix of conventional and unique décor elements.

What: Sab Ka Club

Where:86A, Topsia Road Haute Street Corporate Park B Wings, 6th Floor, West Bengal 700046

When: March 22– 29, 2021

Timing: 12Noon – 1.00AM

Cost for two: Rs. 1600/- (Approx) with alcohol

On the menu:


  • Beer Booster (A combination of sandy and whisky)
  • Holi kiGoli (Spiced and flavored whisky shots)
  • Thandai Rang Rasia (Vodka with thandai with a touch of grenadine, shaken and chilled and served with ice)
  • Spring Cooler (SKC barman special gin-based cocktail. This is a must try)
  • It’s Rainbow (A colorful combination with vodka andrum)


  • Spicy Mozzarella Ball (Mozzarella cheese with Jalapeno, crumb fried, served with a cocktail dip)
  • Tandoori Malai Pineapple (Fresh pineapple slices marinated, charcoal-grilled, and served with mint dip)
  • Mutton BotiKebab (The spicy marinated boneless mutton kebab will definitely make your day special)
  • Honey Sriracha Prawns (Batter fried prawns tossed in spicy sriracha sauce)
  • Fish Kabiraji (Holi special from traditional Bengali cuisine. Made with beckti fish)
  • Rangeela Kebab Platter(Mouthwatering SKC special non-veg kebab platter)

Canteen Pub& Grub

The missing college canteen is no more for the pass-outs only. The students studying in colleges now, miss the adda joints as well. Why so? Because COVID-19 has brought their college life in front of computer screens and online classes.

Rangoli Kebab_Canteen Pub & Grub

Rangoli Kebab_Canteen Pub & Grub

Canteen Pub and Grub is quite inspired by the college canteens and wanted to give us a place with that rustic old vibe of that of our college canteen in a whole new way and style.

Contemporary floral wallpapers, designer wooden works, an array of designer photo frames, and 80’s inspired flooring make the decor extravagant. Green is the theme of this Pub.

What: Canteen Pub & Grub

Where: City Centre 1, DC Block, Sector 1, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700064

When: March 23-29, 2021

Timing: 12Noon –1.00AM

Cost for two: Rs. 1700/- (Approx) with alcohol

 On the menu:


  • RangeenFuljhadi (Fivespirits infused gummy bears in sweet and sour base)
  • Rang kiRaasleela (Blue tea and gin)
  • BalamPichkari (Bubblegum vodka and marshmallow)


  • Rainbow Rice Flakes Cake (Baked Rice Flakes Cake with the special touch of Chef)
  • Chicken GilafiKebab (Chicken mince marinated in chefs special tandoor spices)
  • Rangoli Kebab (Chunks of chicken cooked in five different tandoori masala)

The Lords and Barons

Each one of us, sometimes or other, have traveled time through our History Books and left it to our imagination how the British Colonial Calcutta has looked like. What if, sitting in the 21st Century we really get to enjoy the ambiance and feel of the long-lost bygone era where a Brit Pub with an old-world charm and progressive modern cuisine is combined together?

Gulab Thandai_The Lords and Barons

Gulab Thandai_The Lords and Barons

Well…The Lords and Barons are giving a chance to the Kolkatans to travel back to the 19th Century ‘Calcutta’! With the authentic approach in the interior and era-syncing food and drink, The Lords and Barons are going to set an example as a truly historical British Pub.

Tucked away in Park Street, this is an absolute delight for the people seeking an experience.

What: JeeBharkeKhelo, jeebharke khao

Where:20B, Park Street, Park Street Area, Kolkata- 700016

When: March 22-27


Cost for two: Rs 1500/- (Approx) with alcohol

On the menu:


  • Vodka Thandai (New-age thandai with vodka)
  • Holy Mountain (A cocktail made with white rum, coconut water, orange juice, and cranberry juice)
  • Rang Rasiya (Good ol’ whisky flavored with cinnamon syrup)
  • PaanRabri (A dessert drink made with rabri and vodka)
  • Mind Eraser (A heady concoction of brandy, Old Monk, ice cream, and thandai)
  • Gulab Thandai(How can Holi be without some alcohol-infused thandai? This one has tequila, rose syrup, honey, and almonds)


  • Banaras Ki Rim Jhim Aloo (Stuffed with green peas, kurkure potatoes, and tangy in-house spices)
  • BasantaBahar(Tuna watermelon canapes)
  • Rangali Paneer (This has cottage cheese cooked in three different ways)
  • Chicken Sholay Ki Holi (Chicken supreme cooked with mustard flavor and colourful peppers)
  • Pizza Rang Ki Bawchhar (Barbecue chicken, red onion, cilantro, and mozzarella cheese)
  • Fish Rang Barse(Our favorite Fish and Chips)
  • Cheesy Mohabbatein(The delectable and colorful blueberry cheesecake)

Hard Rock Cafe

This half-a-century old  American restaurant is a brand that is synonymous with music, great food, and entertainment. Its global appeal is second to none in the restaurant business, with crowd-pulling venues peppered all over the world. Although Hard Rock Cafe is known primarily for its ode to music,  Hard Rock Signature dishes, and pioneering the historic rock and roll memorabilia, it also boasts of its large-scale social responsibilities. Head to  Hard Rock Cafe Kolkata and celebrate the spirit of Holi with their boozy milkshakes, available in their menu.

Cookies & Cream Milkshake-Hard Rock Cafe

Cookies & Cream Milkshake-Hard Rock Cafe

What: Hard Rock Cafe Kolkata

Where: Park Mansion, 57-A, Park St, Taltala, Kolkata-700016

When: March 28, 2021

Timing: 12Noon – 12Midnight

Must-Try: Cookies & Cream Milkshake

Cost for two: Rs. 2500/- (Approx) with alcohol

Unplugged Courtyard

Unplugged Courtyard, is your panache address of the city for everything you are looking at, to make your experience the most perfect one. Unplugged Courtyard is fun, modern and it reflects an urban chic vibe. Without controlling its skill to switch from a relaxed daytime hangout to a refined nightfall space, Unplugged Courtyard is the right vibe of an unmistakably ‘laid-back’ space. The USP of the place lies in its majestic and mystical open area, courtyard, and open Terrazza which transports you straight to relaxed holidays. Unplugged Courtyard represents the food industry in new India, one that expects global standards of hospitality; in an ambiance that is as sophisticated as it is luxuriously decadent, with the essence of a fun bar, backed by excellent food and service.

Thandai Cheesecake-Unplugged Courteard

Thandai Cheesecake-Unplugged Courteard

Apart from specially curated Holi recipes, one can expect a hoard of musical performances, free Thandai, and everyday lucky draws.

What: Holi Specials

Where: Rooftop, 13 Hotel Golden Park, Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Kolkata: 700071

When: March 21-28, 2021


Mon & Tues: 4 PM-12Midnight

Wed: 2 PM- 4 AM

Thurs: 2 PM- 12Midnight

Fri & Sat: 2PM-4AM

Sun: 2PM-2AM

Cost for two: Rs 1500/- (Approx) (With alcohol)

On the menu:


  • Thandai Cheesecake (Inhouse Thandai, Gulkand mousse, Pistachio sponge, Dry rose petals, and Pistachio crumble)


  • Rang Rasiya(Made with vodka, strawberry crush, lime juice, egg white and cranberry juice. Garnished with UC logo embossed orange peel)
  • Holi Haria(With gin, green apple syrup, lime juice, egg white and apple juice, the drink, tastes out of the world!)
  • Neela Ambar

May all your Holi celebrations be as colorful and happy as ours. Have a safe, responsible, and happy Holi!


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