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Ayesha Sood’s Indian Predator: The Butcher Of Delhi Streaming On Netflix

by Team Expresso

Crime-story enthusiasts witnessed the rib-tickling dreadful event in the documentary series House of Secrets: The Burari Death. The new series Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi will again knit the crime sequences streaming on the 20th of July exclusively on Netflix.

Director Ayesha Sood will depict the story of gruesome murders based on the national capital in her series Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi. The crime drama will narrate a cold-blooded killer. Carrying grudges against the entire system, a person committed infernal murders in Delhi.  The killer dismembered his victims and scattered their body parts ruthlessly. The Police were trying to figure out the psyche of the serial killer. But that person made everyone dump and glided scare into the veins.

Produced by VICE India, the series is directed by renowned film-maker Ayesha Sood who shares insights on why she decided to back this title. Ayesha shares, ‘When the Vice India team approached me with the idea of developing ‘The Indian Predator’, I was truly intrigued because even though I consider myself to be a true-crime nut, and have been a Delhi resident all my life, I had never heard of this story. On researching this case I realized that this is indeed an important story to tell. Our intent with this series was to give the viewers a ring side view to the journey of one of the scariest serial killers in Indian crime.’

As it’s often seen in documentaries, the more you dive into the subject and speak to people the more is uncovered.  You may think that you know the story and have all the context on the matter but there are always new angles and unforeseen challenges tackled along the way. And, developing the Indian Predator was no different.

Director Ayesha Sood throws light on the challenges faced to complete this series “As is the case with any true-crime documentary, Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi also had many layers and threads that kept unraveling through the interviews and conversations.

She further added, ‘It was tough to get everyone to come on the record because of the tragic nature of the crimes and mostly people are wary of documentation or keeping a photographic record of their lives. So, we had to be doubly mindful with our research and ensure that all aspects of the case are being accurately corroborated. Not to mention, there were physical difficulties also at play – whoever has shot post or during the pandemic knows how the health and security teams have to go all out to make sure the crew and our characters felt safe. We had stringent covid protocols in place – safe and controlled zones, disinfection stations, and color codes to mark crew as per their working zones and technical equipment. Then as we neared the end of 2020, we were hit by one of the most severe winters the North has witnessed in recent times. While shooting in Bihar and Delhi with call times at 3.00/4.00 am – hot chai was never appreciated more by our incredible tireless crew.  So, yes, we were really up against a lot of odds while creating the series but I believe we have created something that is truly worth it all’.

Unfold the mystery behind brutal death on the 20th of July on Netflix

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