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Jaya Bachchan Warns: Relationship Red Flag – Bad Manners

Navya Nanda's Recent Vodcast Explores Love and Relationships with Jaya Bachchan and Shweta Nanda

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Jaya Bachchan Warns: Relationship Red Flag - Bad Manners

On Thursday, Navya Nanda premiered the second episode of the highly anticipated second season of “What The Hell Navya” on her YouTube channel. Entitled “Love Aaj Kal,” the episode showcased candid discussions on matters of the heart, featuring Navya alongside her mother Shweta Nanda and Grandmother Jaya Bachchan.

Following an enlightening discussion with her granddaughter Navya about the concept of red flags, Jaya shared her insight, remarking, “I consider bad manners to be a definite red flag. I strongly dislike it when individuals use ‘tu’ or ‘tum.’ Have you ever witnessed me addressing nana (Amitabh Bachchan) as ‘tum’? It simply feels disrespectful.”

Shweta emphasized the importance of respect when discussing her red flags. “Both physical and verbal violence are absolute no-gos,” she asserted. “If a partner expresses discomfort about something, it’s crucial to show consideration and refrain from repeating it.” She further advised against prolonging conflicts unnecessarily, stating, “If someone has already apologized, there’s no need to prolong the argument.”

Navya highlighted the challenges women face in maintaining their independence in modern society, despite advancements. Shweta added that societal expectations often dictate that a woman’s primary role is to bear children, placing pressure on her to marry.

“Society’s norms often favor single-hood for men while placing undue pressure on women,” Navya observed, urging against hasty marriages and advocating for starting a family only when emotionally and financially prepared. Jaya echoed her sentiments, acknowledging the validity of couples opting not to have children in today’s world.

Shweta further highlighted the societal pressure on women to pursue relationships due to the influence of their social circles. “The fact that none of your friends are single, Navya, speaks volumes,” she observed, indicating the pervasive nature of this societal expectation.

Jaya emphasized that cultivating self-love begins with self-respect. “Before you can respect others, you must first honor yourself—your body, your mind,” she explained. Her insight underscored the importance of prioritizing self-respect as the foundation for healthy relationships.

Shweta observed that while Gen Z excels in self-pampering, they struggle with cultivating self-love. “Navigating self-love in the digital age is challenging,” she remarked, highlighting the pervasive negativity online. “We tend to fixate on criticism and overlook the positives,” she reflected, acknowledging her own battles with self-criticism. Her insight underscored the need to combat self-deprecation and embrace self-compassion.

On Wednesday, Navya Nanda took to Instagram to give fans a sneak peek of “What The Hell Navya” season 2. The promo features Navya, her grandmother Jaya Bachchan, and her mother Shweta Bachchan. The brief clip offers a glimpse into what awaits viewers in episode two of the chat show. Navya excitedly shared the video, teasing fans with the upcoming chaos in Episode 2 of “What The Hell Navya Season 2!” In her caption, she wrote, “Love is in the air, and so is the chaos in Episode 2 of What The Hell Navya Season 2! Join Navya with her Nani and Mom as they spill the tea on love – the good, the bad, and the downright hilarious. Episode 2 drops tomorrow at 7 PM IST on @navyananda’s YouTube Channel. Link in bio.”

The teaser kicked off with Navya exclaiming, “Today’s the perfect day to delve into the topic of love.” Jaya Bachchan responded with a wry smile, while Shweta couldn’t hide her amusement. Then, Shweta jokingly remarked to Navya, “I doubt I could ever date someone like you.” Navya, taken aback, questioned, “Why’s that?” Her mother quipped, “Because you’re all about that Valentine’s Day vibe.” Adding her perspective, Jaya chimed in, “Quite frivolous indeed.”

In the following segment, Navya delved into the topic of modern dating. Jaya expressed her disinterest, stating, “It’s not something I ponder about.” Shweta interjected, teasingly addressing her mother, “Mama, the whole world’s evolving!” Transitioning smoothly, Shweta continued, “Another crucial aspect is empathy.” This prompted laughter from both Jaya and Navya. Confused, Shweta questioned, “What’s so funny, guys?”

Jaya and Navya couldn’t resist mimicking Shweta’s mannerisms, bursting into laughter. With a teasing grin, Shweta warned, “Brace yourselves for crankiness.” Jaya playfully pulled a face, meeting Shweta’s gaze and mockingly nodding, “Yes, ma’am.” The video concluded with Shweta jokingly declaring, “I’ll just zip it now.”


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