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#Allaboutwomen : Refreshing Salon Experience At Lucullan Studios

by Team Expresso
Woman's Day 2021

Lucullan Studios, an upscale salon that has always given females a platform to learn and earn acknowledged the contribution of women in our lives and intends to challenge social norms in India around the role of women.

Case in point, Lucullan Studios came up with Sunayana Chibba’s Style Goddess Pop Up on supporting the campaign #Allaboutwomen with Refreshing Salon Experience, Enticing Discount on Clothes, accessories, and pieces of jewelry.

Lucullan Studios in collaboration with the Style Goddess, Sunayana Chibba was a host to 18 exhibitors to celebrate the occasion. It was a two-day event hosted by Lucullan Studios to launch the campaign and celebrate womanhood.

They had collaborated with luxury fashion and lifestyle brands like Essence by Monika: an upscale fusion wears brand, Dress Me Up: a brand to shop all your dresses for a club night, Ten Images, a premium makeup brand, Azzah: India’s first handcrafted perfumes and more, and gave them a platform to showcase their brands and talk about their journey, inspiring others to make their own identity and to live their life their way, unapologetically. This was the first event of its kind in the post covid era and it won’t be wrong to say that the event was a huge success!

The exhibitors too experienced unexpected responses from the event. “It was a delight being a part of this wonderfully organized event by Lucullan Studios and Sunayana Chibba. It gave us a platform to showcase our products to the audience, considering Covid is still not over. We received a great response and made unexpected sales. Exhibitions like this Pop Up at Lucullan Studios in collaboration with Sunayana Chibba works like a charm for exhibitors like us. “ quotes the spokesperson of SquareLoop Bags, one of the exhibitors.

Decades have passed and everything has changed be it the way we dress, the way we think, the way we talk, something that hasn’t changed is how women do not give importance to herself and give up her dream and aspirations for others. Through this clutter-breaking campaign, Lucullan Studios invited women to come and relax at their high-end luxurious salon with lots of lucrative discounts and out-of-the-box offers to stand up for herself, pamper her and live her life on her own terms. Now is the time that each woman should come out of her shell and explore what the world has to offer her.

Talking about the campaign Neha Sharma the founder of Lucullan Studios Said “We as a brand have always celebrated womanhood each day of the year by pampering them with our exclusive and premium services. The campaign #allaboutwomen is the need of the hour as with everything changing around us, we, women must change the way we think of ourselves, pamper ourselves and fly with the wings we have. Women’s Day shouldn’t be celebrated just one day in the year but every day. Just like a woman takes care and supports everyone in her life, she needs to do the same for herself.”

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