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Maamla Legal Hai Review: Ravi Kishan’s Courtroom Comedy is a Legal Laugh Riot

"Maamla Legal Hai" is a riveting legal drama that keeps viewers engaged with its gripping storyline and stellar performances, making it a must-watch for fans of the genre

by Teamexpresspo
Legal Laughs Return: Maamla Legal Hai Renewed for Season 2 on Netflix!

Cast: Ravi Kishan, Naila Grewal, Anant Joshi, Nidhi Bisht

Rating: 4.5/5

By Ayan Mukherjee

Synopsis: Netflix’s content landscape has been evolving since the success of “Sacred Games,” but it has faced challenges in resonating with Indian audiences. In 2024, Netflix is venturing into more relatable territory, embarking on a new approach to capture the Indian audience’s attention. Enter Posham Pa Pictures, a fresh player in the industry, leading the charge in showcasing the vibrant desi world on Netflix. Their latest offering, the comedy series “Maamla Legal Hai,” helmed by director Rahul Pandey and penned by Saurabh Khanna and Kunal Aneja, promises to infuse laughter into the courtroom. Set in an East Delhi court, the show introduces viewers to a host of eccentric and dysfunctional characters. Offering a refreshing departure from the typically serious legal dramas, “Maamla Legal Hai” serves up a delightful blend of humor and real-life cases, earning more praise than criticism from audiences and critics alike. In crafting this eight-part comedy series, the creators aimed to transcend the clichéd portrayals seen in Hindi cinema, where lawyers are often shown frustrated by endless adjournments or judges delivering verdicts with dramatic flair, uttering phrases like “tamam sabooton ko aur gawahon ko madde nazar rakhte hue” (after carefully considering all evidence and testimonies).

Maamla Legal Hai Review: Ravi Kishan's Courtroom Comedy is a Legal Laugh Riot

Maamla Legal Hai. (L to R) Anant V Joshi, Naila Grewal in Maamla Legal Hai. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

Storyline: The series commences with Ravi Kishan taking on the role of VD Tyagi, a wily lawyer renowned for his knack for exploiting legal loopholes to clinch victories. With ambitions to lead the Bar Association, he proudly proclaims himself the de facto head of the Patparganj Bar. Alongside him, Naila Grewal breathes life into Ananya Shroff, a driven advocate from Harvard whose aspirations of extending legal aid to the marginalized collide with the gritty reality of Patparganj’s legal scene. Nidhi Bisht steps into the shoes of Sujata, affectionately referred to as Didi, nurturing dreams of establishing her own legal empire despite her lack of courtroom experience. And finally, Anant V Joshi embodies Vishwas Pandey, the court manager who envisions himself as the Donna Paulson of the Patparganj District Court, channeling the savvy charisma of the iconic secretary from ‘Suits.’

Opinion: In their OTT adaptation of ‘Jolly LLB,’ showrunner Sameer Saxena, director Rahul Pandey, and writers Saurabh Khanna and Kunal Aneja inject the narrative with a generous dose of humor and playful moments. Despite a solid foundation in research and the inclusion of authentic real-life news snippets, there are instances where the storytelling lags, especially in its portrayal of VD Tyagi’s personal journey. The occasional reliance on melodrama tends to overshadow the series’ otherwise light-hearted vibe, albeit momentarily.

Ravi Kishan finds himself on a winning streak, capping off a fantastic week with a standout performance as a police inspector in Kiran Rao’s film “Laapataa Ladies.” Now, he takes center stage as the lifeblood and comedic force behind the series “Maamla Legal Hai,” cementing his status as the driving force of entertainment. The actor shines brightly, effortlessly portraying the dual personas of a cunning and an upright lawyer, demonstrating his mastery of street-smart strategies and legal intricacies.

Maamla Legal Hai Review: Ravi Kishan's Courtroom Comedy is a Legal Laugh Riot

Maamla Legal Hai. (L to R) Naila Grewal, Nidhi Bisht in Maamla Legal Hai. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

In ‘Maamla Legal Hai,’ each episode unfolds a new narrative, providing a platform for various actors to illuminate the screen with their talents. Yashpal Sharma’s performance crackles with intensity, showcasing his remarkable skill set. It’s disheartening to witness seasoned artists like him not receiving more substantial roles in mainstream cinema. Brijendra Kala also leaves a lasting impression with his powerful acting, effortlessly embodying a spectrum of characters.

The series is further enriched by the contributions of Naila Grewal, Nidhi Bisht, and Anant V Joshi, each adding their own distinct flavor to the storytelling. Nidhi’s nuanced portrayal adds a special depth, while Anant’s rendition of a ‘rasiya’ character adds layers to his role. Naila adeptly portrays a lawyer ensnared in the district court, her chemistry with Anant V. Joshi creating a magnetic on-screen dynamic. With future seasons, these characters have the potential to shine even brighter given more expansive and fleshed-out roles. The show’s humor, characterized by sharp one-liners and impeccably timed jokes, ensures a constant stream of entertainment for the audience.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the performances of the actors who brought Guddi Ke Lal and Lali to life in ‘Maamla Legal Hai.’ Moreover, Amit Vikram and Vikram Pratap skillfully portrayed the characters of Jai and Vijay, symbolizing Law and Order, making the most of their limited screen time. Kumar Saurabh’s punch lines as the langur-like figure left a lasting impact. Anjum Batra commanded the screen with an impressive presence, while Tanvi Azmi’s transformation of Tyagi in the final episode and the ensuing chemistry with Ravi Kishan were palpable. In the seventh episode, actress Rama Sharma delivered a standout performance, depicting a girl ensnared in the complexities of child marriage with poignant accuracy. Her portrayal of the ironic experiences of a child bride throughout her wedding day was truly captivating.

Netflix’s creative team deserves applause for veering away from the conventional courtroom drama genre with ‘Maamla Legal Hai,’ opting instead for a comedic take on legal proceedings. Posham Pa Pictures sets a new benchmark with this eight-episode series, with six episodes particularly standing out for their top-notch content. While one episode may not be suitable for all viewers due to its use of abusive language, the rest offer engaging dialogues that strike a chord with those acquainted with the legal profession. Important topics such as the constraints faced by judges and challenges concerning inmate facilities are tackled adeptly, prompting meaningful conversations. Additionally, two episodes delve into themes of family dynamics and the societal scourge of child marriage with poignant sensitivity and profound insight.

One glaring flaw in ‘Maamla Legal Hai’ was the excessive use of vulgar language or similar expressions, detracting from the overall viewing experience. With more thoughtful crafting, the parrot episode could have become a standout moment, especially considering the Supreme Court’s remarks. Tighter art direction could have elevated the series’ impact, potentially avoiding missteps such as the inclusion of “Shikanji” on the board. The background music feels lackluster, and the opening credits could have been more innovative.

In summary, ‘Maamla Legal Hai’ is a must-watch for both comedy aficionados and fans of courtroom dramas. Its distinctive fusion of humor, drama, and social commentary makes it a standout addition to Netflix’s catalog. With the anticipation for a second season already palpable, supporters are eagerly rallying for its return, leaving nothing to do but wait in hopeful anticipation for an early green light from the decision-makers.


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