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Wish to play a very romantic role : Mahie Gill

by Rituparna
Mahie Gill

The most gorgeous, beauteous and stunning actress ‘Mahie’ is a big name in the Showbiz Industry. She left a never ending impression on the hearts of the audience by her versatile performances like Madhvi Devi in Saheb, Biwi aur Gangster. Mahie started her career with Punjabi movies before making her debut in Bollywood. Once, Director Anurag Kashyap first saw her at a party and instantly finalized her to perform the character of Paro in the movie Dev D. For her up to the snuff and unforgettable performance in Dev D, She won the Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actress. Her success story doesn’t finish here but proceeds forward successfully with masterpieces like Dabang and Paan Singh Tomar. Mahie’s latest thriller series ‘Raktanchal 2’  is released on MX Player which is compelling the viewers to acknowledge her calibre. In the role of Saraswati Devi, she is receiving the overwhelming admiration from the audience.

Your role in ‘Raktanchal season 2’ is  amazing which is attracting the attention of viewers. So, how challenging was it for you to do something like this?

Mahie:  It was really very demanding to play the role of a woman of 90s living in a male centred social system. Those days, that was very much difficult for a lady to confront with the male dominated society and to prove her abilities. Being an actress, it was very tough for me to play according to the body language, emotions, pain, feelings and insecurities of the character. At the same time, speaking pure Hindi language was a hard nut to crack but my co-star, members of team and crew motivated and supported me a lot to do it.

You have successfully performed different roles in many movies. What was your first reaction when you got to know about this role?

Mahie: (Smiles)I was offered the role of a politician. On reading the complete script, I found it very intriguing and fall in love with this character at once. You know that season 1 was already very successful. In season 2, co-operative director and the platform like MX Player enhanced my interest towards it.

Playing a role remarkably means imbibing it. Do you consciously or unconsciously relate yourself personally with this character?

Mahie: Yes. I myself am a very strong woman from a Punjabi family who struggled and toiled a lot to be settled in Mumbai. So, it is really honest to say that I am somewhere connected with the character of a struggling woman. Because of that experience, I got the strength to perform this role effectively.

Presently, you are established as a renowned actress. What kind of impact did the whole journey left on you?

Mahie: Before playing this part, I thought too much about the character and tried to get in the emotions of it. This journey of Raktanchal 2 left a great imprint on my heart that how those inspiring woman leaders would have been faced the society and earned name and fame.

Have you noticed any type of transformation in yourself after performing in season 2?

Mahie: There is no specific change happened.  That was a script created for the purpose of entertainment. As an artist, I understood my role and the anticipation of the director.  I am a switch on and switch off type of actress. But now, I notice a kind of maturity in my own personality when I select or reject any role.

Raktanchal 2 is a story based on crime, social and political issues. So, according to you as a citizen, what other burning issues must be focusable?

Mahie: In my opinion female feticide, women education, girl child marriage and changing the mindset of man about women are the issues that must be focused in our society at the top priority. Women deserve to be well respected and well treated by men. Traditional women must also come out from the idea of having a boy child in comparison of girl.

You definitely would have many memories of shoot. In the entire series, what was the most remarkable memory for you?

Mahie:  As I have told you earlier that it was very hectic for me to imbibe pure Hindi accent. Speaking the typical terms was not easy.  But I was mentally prepared to overcome it and I did.

Can you recall one scene from the film which is hidden deeper in you heart?

Mahie: All scenes are televised greatly but the scene of Assi Ghat is my best loved. As an artist,  playing the part of a politician among crowd is very remarkable and at the same time it created insecurities of being caught by the virus too.

Mahie, you set your own benchmark in the industry. So, what crucial lesson time taught you during all this?

Mahie: The lesson that time taught me is “Be patient, Respect everyone and don’t judge the others uselessly”. Furthermore, Personal choices must be respected by everyone.

You have a great journey in term of shows and films,  is there anything that you wish to come true?

Mahie: I am madly waiting to play a very romantic role. This is my onliest heartily wish that I want to see being true as early as possible.

The previous two years were full of mental stress. So, what are you expectations in 2022?

Mahi: I don’t think much about it. I simply like to continue my work with honest emotions and industrious efforts.

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