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SVF Unveils The First Look Of Aparajita Adhya and Madhumita Starrer “Cheeni”

by Team Expresso
Cheeni Official Poster

To keep the big-screen legacy intact, SVF joins hands with director Mainak Bhaumik for another movie treat this Christmas! 

Aparajita Adhya and Madhumita starrer “Cheeni is a quirky drama about a modern working 25-year-old woman Aditi Banerjee (Cheeni) and her eccentric 50-year-old mother widow Sarojini Banerjee (Mishti) who have a complicated love-hate relationship. The film comes in a complete package that will not only give good humorous moments to the audience but also many emotional touchpoints- the film shows the very relevant, typical relationship between a Bengali mother and a young age daughter alongside reflecting the eternal underlying tensions between the two.

Cheeni is a film that brings forth the real-life problems of a typical family through its realistic narrative and character portrayal. 

The characters or their struggles are not larger than life- rather are simple, realistic, and extremely relatable to the Bengali audience. The story carries all the elements of a family drama that will tug at the audience’s heartstrings. 

The versatile director Mainak Bhaumik, brings together a supremely amazing cast comprising of- the industry’s best, Aparajita Addhya who plays the role of the mother; the young and spirited- Madhumita who is playing Chini and the super versatile- Saurav Das.  Cheeni is a film that shows the ups and downs of every Bengali family, the bonding shared between the family members, and their journey together. With its various emotional and comic elements, this Christmas release promises to be a good family watch.

Excited to have his film released during Christmas, Director Mainak Bhaumik says, “Cheeni is a simple story that showcases the different bitter-sweet moments between a mother and daughter. It is a film that encompasses all the elements of human emotions- be it love, anger, or humor.  The goal was to make a light-hearted film that people would relate to. It is always a pleasure to work with Aparajita Adhya as she flawlessly fits in every role. Madhumita and Sourav have done a very good job with their characters. I hope the film is liked and enjoyed by the audience.” 


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