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Makar Sankranti Special – Nutty Delicacies to Elevate Your Celebration

Embark on a culinary journey this Makar Sankranti with delightful recipes that embrace the spirit of the festival.

by Teamexpresspo
Makar Sankranti Special - Nutty Delicacies to Elevate Your Celebration

Elevate your festive spirits as the first celebration of the year is upon us. Widely observed across India, Makar Sankranti not only marks the conclusion of winter solstice but also heralds the onset of longer days. The festivities are characterized by vibrant decorations, lively music, exhilarating kite flying, bonfires, and sumptuous feasts shared with family and friends. In many regions of India, this period aligns with the early phases of the agricultural cycle, signifying the completion of strenuous fieldwork. As the crops have been sown, it becomes a time for socializing and preparing region-specific delicacies.

Enhancing the joy of this occasion are California walnuts, meticulously grown and processed under stringent quality control standards to ensure a premium product for you and your family to relish throughout the year. With a sweet taste and creamy texture, these walnuts add a delightful crunch to your festive creations. So, this Makar Sankranti, explore exciting delicacies inspired by California walnuts and host a feast that will be a gastronomic delight like no other!

California Walnut Chocolate Burfi – Chef Hemasri Subramanian

Ingredients: 3 cups California walnuts, 200g dark chocolate, 50g unsalted butter, 1/2 cup milk, 2 cups milk powder, 1 cup digestive biscuits (powdered), 1 cup condensed milk

Makar Sankranti Special - Nutty Delicacies to Elevate Your Celebration

Preparation: Place California walnuts in a mixer jar and pulse a few times to crush them into smaller pieces; set aside. Chop the dark chocolate and keep it ready. In a pan, melt butter and incorporate the crushed walnuts. To this mixture, add the chopped chocolate and blend thoroughly. Pour in milk and gradually add milk powder, ensuring a well-mixed consistency. Introduce the powdered biscuits and continue to mix thoroughly. Finally, add condensed milk and blend until all ingredients are well combined. Spread the barfi mixture evenly in the pan and allow it to cool completely. Once cooled, cut the barfi into squares and serve.

California Walnut Coconut Ladoo – Chef Hemasri Subramanian

Ingredients : 1 cup California walnuts, 1 1/2 cups grated coconut, 1/4 cup brown sugar, 1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder, 1/4 cup milk, 1 teaspoon ghee

Makar Sankranti Special - Nutty Delicacies to Elevate Your Celebration

Preparation:In a mixer jar, place California walnuts and pulse them a few times until a coarse mixture is achieved. Set aside. In a pan, melt ghee and add freshly grated coconut. Sauté the coconut for 2-3 minutes. Introduce the ground walnut mixture to the pan, sautéing for a few additional minutes. Incorporate cardamom powder and brown sugar, ensuring thorough mixing. Allow the sugar to completely dissolve before pouring in the milk. Stir continuously until the mixture transforms into a cohesive, sticky mass. Let it cool slightly, then shape the mixture into laddoos, setting them aside. Take 1/2 cup of freshly grated coconut and spread it on a plate. Roll the prepared laddoos in the grated coconut and serve.

California Walnut Carrot Cake Bliss Balls – Chef Sabyasachi Gorai

Ingredients: 200g California walnuts, toasted, 80g oats, 50g sunflower seeds, 2 heaped teaspoons ground ginger, 1 heaped teaspoon ground turmeric, Zest and juice of half an orange, 130g grated carrot, 200g medjool dates, 60g desiccated coconut

Makar Sankranti Special - Nutty Delicacies to Elevate Your Celebration

Preparations :Combine California walnuts, oats, sunflower seeds, ginger, turmeric, and orange zest in a food processor. Pulse the ingredients until they form a finely textured meal. Introduce carrots and dates to the mix, and pulse once more. Gradually add a portion of the orange juice and blend until the mixture reaches a cohesive consistency. If necessary, incorporate more juice until the ingredients come together. Shape the resulting mixture into 25 balls. Roll these balls in coconut placed on a plate or tray for a coating. Refrigerate or store in the freezer until ready for use.

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