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5 Reasons Why Masaba Masaba 2 Feels Personable That Everyone Can Relate To It

by Team Expresso

By Ruchika Das

Masaba Gupta and Neena Gupta, a real-life mother-daughter duo, graced our screens in 2020 with a refreshing story about self-discovery. And, after a long wait, they’re back with a new chapter that’s not at all disappointing! Masaba Masaba Season 2 is a perfect mouth series that is an ode to reinvention in the best way possible.

This refreshing watch is a visual treat that will make you happy, sorrowful, and everything in between. And whether you’re a baby boomer or proudly proclaim to be a millennial/gen-Z, there’s something in this show for everyone. So, without further ado, here are five reasons why this show is so relatable!

The Complicated Mother-Daughter Relationship

While we all adore our mothers, they can get on our nerves at times. We’re sure everyone can identify with Masaba when she tells her mother that she required her mother in a bad situation rather than a lecture. In another case, she gets endearingly annoyed with her mother for interfering with her love life. Masaba, we completely understand what you’re saying!

Trying Everything To Stay Relevant

Who isn’t in the same boat? Everyone is looking for ways to stay in the spotlight in a world full of tweets, likes, and strong opinions. Masaba is just like the rest of us. She works hard to persuade herself and the rest of the world that her brand is still cool and edgy. She pursues unknown professional paths and makes potentially risky decisions. Neena ji is in the same situation, and we completely understand.

Giving out Problems and Solutions

Yes, this is a lighthearted, fictionalised account of Masaba and Neena, but it gets very real at times. It’s commendable that the writers didn’t shy away from difficult topics, and we’re grateful that they did so with such tact. This show covers everything, including mental health, body insecurities, ageism, and how women can balance work and family life. Aside from that, the seven-part series discusses unconventional methods of having a child and experiencing motherhood. To be honest, we were completely blown away by its incredible interpretation.

Talking about casual stuffs

Masaba Masaba 2 openly discusses sex and sexual desires, in addition to how the romantic relationships unfold in the series. We still can’t get over Masaba’s request for her mother to check her hormones because she appeared “thirsty.” And we couldn’t stop laughing when Masaba’s BFF Gia educated Masaba on PQs. Also, how can we forget Neena’s reminder that even the elderly have sex? Believe us when we say that this show will make you laugh out loud.

A Complicated Love Story

While the triangle love story may appear to be retold, it does have an exciting ending. Masaba matures and makes no errors as the story progresses. This lady knows what she’s doing! Without giving too much away, Masaba meets the man of her dreams, but not before she expresses herself to someone who needed to hear it. Throughout the last episode, we couldn’t stop cheering for our Ms. ‘not-so-hot mess.’

We’re still trying to recover from our latest binge of this dhamakedar show. Masaba Masaba Season 2 has definitely captured our hearts, and we absolutely can not wait to rewatch the show!

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