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I Relate To Jacky More Than Aarav : Masi Walia

by Rituparna
masi walia

‘REJCTX2’ is a teen-drama, musical thriller and coming of age story that revolves around the lives of seven Indian students studying in The Jefferson World School. These privileged kids are thrust into the exclusive world of the rich, right where they belong. But eventually, they find themselves at the disposal of their own insecurities. ‘REJCTX2’ is an expression of that restlessness by a bunch of misfits and rebels. Right Before the release of the second season of REJCTX 2, Expresso caught Masi Walia to know more about the season and his character in deep.

Expresso: Why you say yes For REJCTX?

Masi Walia: I was always fascinated by high school shows and films to the point that I thought it would be the coolest thing to be part of one. So REJCTX came through as a pleasant and shocking surprise. Plus Aarav’s character was such that I was able to connect with instantly. And lastly, it being a musical checked off everything on the list that I wanted to do as my first mainstream web project.masi walia

Expresso: What makes REJCTX season 2 difference from its previous one?

Masi Walia: REJCTX season is pacier, it keeps the viewer engrossed all along, it definitely is filmier which I believe the masses will love. It’s Bold. The storyline, the music, the performances are all a few notches higher in comparison to the last one. I believe last time, a great deal of time was spent introducing characters, whereas now its straight action.

Expresso: Tell us some working experience with Esha Gupta?

Masi Walia: I don’t know why but I personally had this preconceived idea that Esha Gupta, considering her established career as a model and an actor, she would have a bit of a pride or ego issue. But when I met her, I was surprised at how grounded she was. She’s adorable, very professional, loves her work, has a great sense of humour and does not shy away from saying anything. I, as well as the other actors, I think learned a lot as to how to conduct ourselves on set from her. So it was definitely a learning experience for everyone.

Expresso: Best memory of REJCTX Season 2?

Masi Walia: The best memory of REJCTX 2 for me was during the last few days of the shoot. It was this one particular scene of Jacky, the doppelganger of Aarav. It’s an office scene. I can’t reveal much what the scene was about, but I had never thought that I’d surrender myself to that extent to a character, to the point that I almost forgot who I am. I think I relate to Jacky more than Aarav. I think when people walked out of the theatres watching Joker, they all were upset cause everyone could see a joker in themselves.masi walia

Expresso: Three things nobody knows about you?

Masi Walia: 1. I panic the first few days of the shoot. The first days of a shoot set the graph of the character so I think they are crucial. As a result, I pretty much get sleep insomnia to cause my mind does not want to relax. I keep on thinking that I need to prep more.

  1. I’m not a smoker, to be honest. But during Rejctx, at times I’d smoke a cigarette, especially if it would be an emotionally charged scene. During Rejctx 2, I did not smoke, I and Ayush who plays Maddy promised each other not to buy any cigarettes.
  2. I think I’m slowly becoming a Tarantino fan. For some reason, I’m watching some of his few films that I had no seen and man he’s good.

Expresso: You are being compared with Joey (Matt LeBlanc) from FRIENDS, so how was your feelings?

Masi Walia: I think people started comparing me to joey from the time I was 16. So I’ve got used to it. Funny thing I haven’t even seen a single episode of Friends.masi walia

Expresso: If not an actor what would be you?

Masi Walia: I think if I was not an actor, I’d be a singer or a filmmaker.

Expresso: What is the last thing you googled?

Masi Walia: The last thing I googled was coronavirus update in Canada. Yeah, you thought it would be more interesting than that.

Expresso: The last show you binge-watched?

Masi Walia: the last show I binge-watched was Mirzapur. I’ve been wanting to watch Money Heist. Let see when that happens.

Expresso: A rumour that you wish was true about?

Masi Walia: A rumour that I wish was true is that I get paid the highest for Rejctx.

Expresso: In Hollywood movies which actor you would like to pair with?

Masi Walia: I think Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman or Dicaprio would be ideal! Ahh if only that comes true.

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