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Treat Your Taste Buds With These Delicious Frozen Delights

by Team Expresso
National Ice Cream Day Special

By RituParna Sen

It doesn’t matter what is your age, one thing’s for sure: I scream, you scream… we all scream for ice cream! We all love ice cream. Digging into a large tub of ice cream while reading our favorite book or watching our favorite show is what remains among the most cherished memories of summer for most of us. The sweet and cold taste makes our hearts melt faster than the frozen delight. It makes your decision-making skills fail with its variety of flavors. A carton of ice cream never stays in the fridge for more than a week. This tasty treat has always been a favorite, ever since its appearance on the earth over sixteen centuries ago.

Imagine a scenario where you get to know that there is a day known as National Ice Cream Day on the planet. Amazing, right? Thanks to President Reagan, United States observe National Ice Cream Day each third Sunday in July, which means July 18 this year. A lot of ice cream parlors give discounts and freebies on this occasion. This is the only day when you don’t have to make any excuse to enjoy your favorite food. You can treat your taste buds with as many flavors as you need. However, believe it or not, what number of flavors we as a whole are really mindful of? A modest bunch of numbers in particular. Relax! We are here with the best flavors of ice creams. From the most cherished delights to the craziest of advancements we have gathered together our top picks.

Butter Pecan: We can hardly say no to a vanilla ice cream mixed with crisp pecans roasted in butter. It’s the perfect combination of sweet, salty, buttery, and crunchy. Pecan is Alabama’s state nut. Roasted pecans, butter, and vanilla flavor combine to create this extremely popular ice cream.Butter Pecan

Horchata: Horchata is a Mexican-inspired ice cream flavor made with an iconic horchata –plant milk, white rice, or tiger nut-based beverage. It is rich, creamy and as it is infused with cinnamon it has a nice hint of spice. It is one of the most nutritious frozen delights. Besides, having a lot of calories it is also packed with vitamins and minerals.



Lemon Custard: Lemon Custard ice cream tastes exactly how you would have envisioned it. It is smooth, creamy, and has that delicious sweet and tangy mixture going on. When having a scoop or two of lemon custard, be sure to enjoy its goodness all on its own. After all, it’s perfect as it is – no need to add anything more.

Lemon Custard

Cookies and cream: Cookies and cream are still the most loved flavor by the kids and the kids by heart. It is a combination of vanilla cream and chocolate sandwich cookies. Besides the delectable flavor, the lovely contrast of crisp cookies and thick ice cream makes it so phenomenal.

Cookies and cream

Mint-Chocolate Chip: It is one of the most polarizing flavors out there. This flavor was invented for the royal family. In 1973, English culinary student Marilyn Ricketts submitted it in a competition for creating a new flavor for Princess Anne’s wedding. Its original name is the Mint Royale.

Mint-Chocolate Chip

Moose Tracks: The Moose Tracks is one of the most spectacular ice cream flavors. It is a trademarked flavor by the Denali Flavors company. This frozen delight is a combination of vanilla ice cream, mini-peanut butter cups, and chocolate fudge. Ah! It is already making my mouth watery.

Moose Tracks

Neapolitan: This ice cream is a mixture of three flavors vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. It is the ideal trifecta! The original recipe didn’t have the trio of chocolate, it was vanilla, strawberry, and pistachio. The flavor was brought here back in the 19th century by Italian immigrants to honor their country’s flag.



Cotton Candy: Baskin Robbins’ Cotton Candy ice cream is a sweet and colorful blend that every unicorn-lover adores.  It is colorful, creamy, dreamy, and delightful. It is infused with the flavor of cotton candy.  It might be way too sweet for some adults but little kids will get a kick out of it.

Cotton Candy

It is indeed true that “Ice cream solves everything”. No matter in what mood you are, or how worst the situation is, a scoop of ice cream will always bring a smile to your face. So next time whenever you visit an Ice cream parlor make sure to try out these weirdest and delicious ice creams.

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