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On contemporary expressions with timeless jewellery – Gauri Khan

Gauri Khan's fantastic design has led her to be one of the most sought-after personalities on the country.

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By: S Chatterjee

Gauri Khan is multifaceted and that is no news. Her fantastic creativity has led her to be one of the most sought-after personalities on the country. Always chic in her style, whether she is donning a sleek black dress at a launch event or designing incredible spaces, her substance speaks louder than any words can. 

The fabulous designer has now joined forces with Zoya, a fine jewellery brand to launch its latest collection, ‘Beyond – A Boundless Journey’. The festive collection, one of the brand’s most anticipated collection of 2022, has a soul rooted in India and its heritage. Inspired by River Indus, the enigmatic collection is both authentic and soul stirring.

The narrative of the latest collection by the cherished designer celebrates the feminine spirit as a force of nature. Much like every woman who embodies versatility and resilience with grace and power, the collection pays tribute to the continuous, larger than life journey through genesis, conflict, turbulence and calm.

In a candid conversation with Expresso Magazine, Gauri Khan discusses her creative inspirations, timelessness of jewellery and the joy of celebrating inner strength through personal style.

Read excerpts below:

In just a few words, how would you describe this new collection ‘Beyond – A Boundless Journey’? 

Gauri Khan : It’s a magnificent and imperial collection from Zoya, inspired by the River Indus. It has beautiful crafting and exceptional use of stones like emeralds, diamonds, tourmalines and morganites.

How would you describe a Beyond consumer? 

Gauri Khan : I think you should ask Zoya this. But seeing the jewellery, I’d guess she’d be someone who enjoys contemporary jewellery with clean lines, appreciates fine craftsmanship and storytelling in design.

What is the ideal occasion to wear these pieces?

Gauri Khan : One thing I like about the brand is that it is very versatile. You could style the pieces with a variety of outfits for various festive occasions. This collection in particular is quite opulent, so it would be for more formal occasions.


You’re one of the most fashionable people in the country with a distinct style statement. How do you choose the brands you work with?

Gauri Khan : It has to be an authentic connection for me. With Zoya, the brand has pieces that are timeless, with a great emphasis on design and crafting. I have a similar approach to my work in interiors and I appreciate them, so there is an authentic connection.

You have collaborated with the cherished brand in the past as well. What makes the celebrated brand stand apart? 

Gauri Khan : I like that the brand is always raising the bar and trying to redefine the way India perceives fine jewellery with meaningful products and warm, personal service.

If you could pick one piece of jewellery from Beyond, which one would it be and why?

Gauri Khan : The Emerald Riversong is a beautiful necklace. I love emeralds, and this has two streams of emeralds that cascade down to a 10 carat emerald flanked by diamonds.

What is your most-treasured piece in your personal jewellery box? 

Gauri Khan :  My mother’s wedding set.

Are there any jewellery trend that will sparkle through this festive season? 

Gauri Khan :  I have never really followed trends; I like pieces in jewellery that are timeless.

Gauri Khan On contemporary expressions with timeless jewellery

How can consumers explore fine jewellery from a sustainable lens?

Gauri Khan :  It’s a very complex question, one you should probably ask Ajoy Chawla who’s launching this collection with me! One could look at where the stones are sourced and the reputation of the mines. But it’s as important to think about our karigars and how they are looked after as well!


How are you keeping yourself creatively driven and motivated all the time?

Gauri Khan :   I’ve always been a creative person. Travel, reading, watching shows, talking to someone, watching a sunset – there are many ways in which you could be inspired.

How would you define your design philosophy today? Have the last few years changed your perspective?

Gauri Khan :  Its classic and minimalistic.

What is a challenging aspect of your journey that you love the most?

Gauri Khan :  The whole process of translating inspiration into something concrete, something with form is very exciting to me.

Diwali knocking at the door. Is there an item of jewellery from this collection you would like to gift to your daughter, Suhana Khan?

Gauri Khan :  The collection has a beautiful ring called ‘Sparkling Rapids’.  It’s inspired by the point in the journey of the river Indus where the water is flowing with the greatest power. It’s a reminder that all of us have that strength inside. It’s beautifully crafted with a tear drop emerald, a glistening pink morganite and baguette diamonds.

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