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5 Fantastic Reasons Why Amazon Prime Video’s Panchayat Season 2 Is Already On Weekend binge-list! 

by Team Expresso
panchayat season 2

Prime Video’s comedy-drama ‘Panchayat’, had stolen the hearts of millions of Indians with its simple narrative and hard-hitting storyline. And as Neena Gupta promised on her Instagram post “Pradhan is returning, just wait!”, we finally see our favorite characters back. The highly-anticipated second season is out with its trailer and we see the engineer turned Panchayat Secretary Abhishek back again with Manju Devi, Prahlad Pandey, Brij Bhushan AKA Pradhan Pati, Bhushan. With a little less than two weeks to go, here are 5 reasons why we are impatiently waiting for Amazon Prime Video to drop the Season 2 –  

The OG cast is back with great new additions

Jeetu Bhaiya AKA Jitendra Kumar plays Panchayat Secretary Abhishek Tripathi. Along with him, season two’s trailer is studded with electrifying performances from Neena Gupta playing the power lady Manju Devi, her husband Pradhan’s role played by Raghubir Yadav, Abhishek’s new bestie Vikas played by Chandan Roy, and other actors include Faisal Malik, Pooja Singh, Aasif Khan with new faces like Sima Biswas and others who’ll ramp up the drama with their presence.

Abhishek and Rinki are finally getting somewhere!

All of us who watched season 1 (if you haven’t, watch it ASAP!) were dying for Abhishek and Rinki to get together. Season two’s trailer is definitely bringing out a promise of more with sparks flying off in the air between those two. Will these two get together? Will Abhishek get a reason to stay? Guess we will find out once the brand new season is out.

Same old Phulera but brand new problems

The best part about Panchayat is its story that resonates with its simplicity and realistic portrayal of rural India. The tiny village of Phulera won hearts when the show premiered. Now with season two’s trailer, we can spot a bunch of drama-spurring storylines and plot twists that are seemingly developing. Looks like the new season will see a refreshing tales of village life, living their lives and battling trivial issues in their daily lives with their own brand of hilarity added to the mix.

We want more memes. Period.

“Gajjab Bejjati Hai Yaar”. Is it wrong to wait for a brand new season just for its meme factor! We want more memes out of the witty dialogues and hilariously on-point delivery by characters. The trailer has back-to-back dialogues that are already promising us a great pack of witty comebacks that will soon feature our social media feeds once the season is out. After the success of season one, Panchayat writers will surely give us more meme material on a silver platter and we are all in for it.

Five months left, what next?

We all know that Abhishek’s dream job (and it’s definitely not being Phulera village’s Panchayat Secretary) is just a CAT exam away. The trailer shows us that there are only five months left in Abhishek’s exam. Then what?! Will he crack it, or be ready for the alternative fate, or will it be a story for another season? Boy, do we need to find that out. 

Panchayat tickles all our funny bones but leaves us with more thoughts than we can process at once. Season two of this slice of life show isn’t going to be any different that’s for sure. With new additions to the cast, the same old hilarity, and the dazzling screen presence of Abhishek, Manju Devi, Vikas, Pradhan, and rising questions like will Abhishek crack the CAT? Will Rinki and Abhishek finally hit it off? What is the mess that Bhushan is brewing? And a million others will get answered on 20th May 2022 when Panchayat Season 2 will be streaming in 240 countries and territories worldwide exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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