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Pareeksha-The Final Test Review: A Realistic Take On How Standard of Living Affects Our Educational System

by Team Expresso

Cast: Adil Hussain, Sanjay Suri, Priyanka Bose, Shubham Jha

Director: Prakash Jha

Rating: 4/5

Review: A rickshaw puller Buchi Paswan hails from a small town Bihar, who built a castle in the air about his son Bulbul and wish to admit his son in the city’s best English medium school for his better future. Buchi worked hard day and night to earn enough money to live on. According to him, education is the only way for them to get out of this hell.

The film shows us a happy jovial family. Buchi and his wife Radhika, toil hard to fulfill the family’s financial needs, and his brilliant child Bulbul makes his achievements in his struggles for a bright future. However, everything seems to be okay and normal but once Buchi dares to dream when he saw few students throwing away their books after their exam got over. Buchi collects the books for Bulbul and seeing them, Bulbul said books are useless for him because it is not for the state board syllabus, these books are CBSE syllabus. Buchi had a deep faith that if his son gets admitted to the city’s best “Sapphire International School”, he will be the better person in his future. But his daily income is not enough to make the admission of his son in a school of such an elite-class.

One day, he gathered the courage to ask the authorities of Sapphire International School for Bulbul’s transfer from a government school to the A-list school. The entire tale is all about a determined and adamant father and the extent he goes to ensure his son’s perfect and bright future and for a proper education.

The compassionate and warm-hearted principal of Sapphire International School makes the admission of Bulbul possible. Every day Bulbul went to school in his father’s rickshaw. One fine morning, he is made to get down from rickshaw for being a son of a rickshaw-puller. He got humiliated for not being able to speak English in the school.

With time, his brilliance and studiousness overcame all barriers. Despite a humble background and inadequate language skills, he even tops in his class. However, Buchi is struggling with the financial demands of a private school; for fulfilling the financial demand of the school Buchi collects money by dishonest means. In the climax, Buchi gets punished for his crime, but this doesn’t affect Bulbul’s future. In this movie, the entry of Sanjay Suri’s character gives a remarkable length, a high-ranking police officer who gives Bulbul coaching lessons for his exam.

The film is very real. It could have been firmly edited. The second half of this movie make it crisper. The screenplay at its heart has good and moral intent. It talks about the Indian education system, government versus private schools, the mind-set, or the set of attitudes that a student can only wear the crown in a private institution rather than in state-funded schools. It discusses the length of many social and financial barriers.

On a performance basis, every actor has done a great job in this 1 hour 42 minutes movie. Adil Hussain, Sanjay Suri to Priyanka Bose, Shubham Jha all will touch your heart remarkably. Adil Hussain sets up his way into our hearts with an innocent persona. His charming personality makes him popular with the children. Shubham Jha, as the bookworm and his genius performance, lives up to mark to making the character Bulbul. The supporting cast all of them are perfectly fit into their role.

Fully packed with incredible performances all around, “Pareeksha-the final test ” sets its points without shakes. Simply, straightforwardly, without any decoration and crisply narrated, the 1 hour 42 minutes “Pareeksha- the final test” sets its benchmark and gives an effective social message and a buoyant, lively film that has waves of emotion.

Written By: Abir Majumder

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