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On PeeCee’s Birthday, Here Are 5 Reason Why She Really Is An Uncrowned Queen of Bollywood

by Team Expresso

By Abhigna Ghosh

Bollywood has gone through drastic changes since its inception. And there have been certain personalities who have had major contributions to this transformation. One of them is our very own Priyanka Chopra aka PeeCee.

From winning the prestigious Miss World title at the age of 18 to going on to be one of the highest-paid actors with countless superhits in Bollywood as well as Hollywood. She has evolved over the years to be the best at whatever she does. Her cap boasts success feathers from various domains apart from just acting. As the actress turns 39 today, here are the top 5 reasons why she is really is the uncrowned queen of Bollywood.

She Does Her Own Stunts

Quintessential Bollywood movies have painted a picture of actresses where they are weak, a damsel in distress waiting for their knight in shining armor. However, that’s not how it is with Priyanka Chopra. First of all, in many years she hasn’t portrayed a role that showcases women as weak. And in all the action-oriented films she has done, she did all the stunts herself. She has done each and every action sequence herself. Recently she even shared a selfie from the sets of Citadel after shooting a fight sequence. Unlike other actors, she doesn’t call for a body double.

She Has Carved Out A Name For Herself In The Male-Dominant Industry

It’s sad that even to this date, gender discrimination prevails at a decent level in Bollywood. Whether it’s misogynist scripts or stories where women are mere sidekicks or pay disparity, there are so many issues that women in the industry face. However, despite all these challenges she has shone brighter than anyone could have imagined. From delivering movies like Mary Kom where she was the hero of the story to making it big in Hollywood, she has made every Indian proud on a global level.

Her Savage Replies & Unapologetic Stand For Feminism Is Admirable

Whether it’s trollers or offensive questions in interviews, PeeCee knows how exactly she needs to shut off the mouths of haters. She was much in the news when she took a stand for her friend Meghan Markle right before her wedding to Prince Harry. In the interview, she was asked a question about her friend Meghan Markle, but she was introduced as Prince Harry’s girlfriend. But PeeCee corrected the interviewer and said that it’s not Prince Harry’s girlfriend but Actress Meghan Markle. She believes that Meghan Markle earned the respect and should be known for her own identity than being someone’s girlfriend. Her brave responses and fearless attitude are no less than a true queen.

She Is An All-Rounder

If you think that she is only a great actress then you are mistaken. She has a lot more feathers on her cap. She is an amazing writer as well. In February 2021, she published her own Memoir titled unfinished. Apart from that, she also wrote columns in Hindustan Times named The Priyanka Chopra Column. She shared about her life, experiences, and relationships there. She is also a producer with her own banner named Purple Pebble Pictures. The movie titled ventilator producer under her banner received a national award in 2016. Apart from that, she also collaborated with Pitbull for the famous song Exotic.

She Has A Heart Of Gold

Apart from the world of glitz and glamour, she also caters to the less fortunate children through UNICEF initiatives. Being a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, she has been a part of the noble global organization since 2016. But she has been working with them since 2006, offering her service and helping the organization elevate and help the people, especially kids in need. She has also been a part of various NGOs and has been raising awareness on the importance of education for a girl child.

On this very blissful day, we wish Priyanka Chopra a very happy birthday. The actress has truly been an inspiration and has made India and Indians proud on several occasions. All that we know is that there was one and will only be one Priyanka Chopra and we wish her all the best.

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