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There Are Many Twists And turns In Hey Prabhu Season 2: Rajat Barmecha

by Team Expresso
There Are Many Twists And turns In Hey Prabhu Season 2: Rajat Barmecha

By Rituparna Sengupta Basu

Famous for his ecstatic and captivating performance in Udaan, Rajat Barmecha is undoubtedly one of the remarkable faces of Bollywood. After Vikramaditya Motwane’s Udaan, he was not seen for a long time in the industry. Barmecha is surely a raw talent and works in different emotional notes with panache. He made a mind-blowing comeback with Hey Prabhu that left a mark with its unique storyline. In a recent conversation, Barmecha talked about how the OTT platform gave him the opportunity to showcase his talent through Hey Prabhu.

Expresso: The trailer is outstanding, so what’s your process before picking up this kind of project?

Rajat Barmecha: Well, honestly, I do not follow any particular process before choosing a project. I mostly accept the projects spontaneously. However, I make sure that the script is not dull. For example, if I feel that the story is intimidating and excites me, I will definitely go for it. And Hey Prabhu is something that did excite me extravagantly. So, yes, I accepted it accordingly.

Expresso: How similar is Rajat in real life with the character?

Rajat Barmecha: There are few things that I find similar with Tarun Prabhu considering our generation. Alternatively, there are other attributes too as well in the character that is different from real me. So, overall, there are a few things that I find similar to Tarun Prabhu and a few not.

Expresso: What is your best memory of shooting for Hey Prabhu?

Rajat Barmecha: I think for me, the best memory would definitely be the post-lockdown shoot. I mean, after staying indoors for such a long time, we went out to shoot Hey Prabhu. I remember, when we first went to the sets, I saw that everyone was in PPE kits and masks. But, only the actors were not wearing any masks. So, altogether it was a challenging yet fantastic experience. I think that this was the best memory of the shooting.There Are Many Twists And turns In Hey Prabhu Season 2: Rajat Barmecha

Expresso: What new things have been included in season 2 for the viewers?

Rajat Barmecha: There are few new things in this season that viewers will find out. For example, the problems are similar to the first season, both the personal as well as the professional life. However, the scale of the issues is more extensive. If you watch the second season, you will find out that there are many twists and turns as well as surprises. So, everything here is the same, but the second season’s problems are more significant.

Expresso: If you had to choose any scene from the series, then which one would you choose?

Rajat Barmecha: Honestly, I do not want to reveal it as it will ruin the charm of the series. All I can say is there are many funny and exciting scenes that are my favorite. But, I would not like to disclose it now.

Expresso: As your Workfront, your film, Udaan got critically appraised, so any memories of that film that you’ve carried with you?

Rajat Barmecha: I think I will carry the memories of Udaan with me till my last breath. As an actor, it was one of the most significant influences that I had in the industry. Talking about the personal front, Udaan has a massive impact on me and even changed me as a person. From my selection for the film, auditioning to its featuring in the Cannes Film Festival, everything is personal when it comes to Udaan.

Expresso: How is Hey Prabhu different from other web series?

Rajat Barmecha : Well, I do not think that many shows talk about social media’s impacts on a person’s life. Besides, it does not have any dark or cliché side of it. Instead, the series has been made on a casual and fun-filled note, which I do not think any of the shows ever tried to heighten.

Expresso: Please share with us your working experience with Parul Gulati as a co-star.

Rajat Barmecha : I knew Parul Gulati even before Hey Prabhu as she is one of my good friends. I would say that she is one of the most hardworking girls I have come across, and I genuinely respect her efforts.

Expresso: What would be your message for the audience?

Rajat Barmecha : I would like to say that it is one of the honest works that we tried putting in front of the viewers. Season one received tons of love, which gave us the motivation to come up with season 2. So, I would like you to watch it and share your views on the second season.


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