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Shubho Bijoya Review : Unspoken Emotions Mingle With Blind Love

by Team Expresso
Shubho Bijoya

By Sharib Jamel

Cast: Gurmeet Chaudhary, Debina Bonnerjee, Khushboo Karva

Director: Ram Kamal Mukherjee

Rating: 4/5

Review: Enlisted in the queue of extreme heart-touching mishti love stories, Shubho Bijoya is one of the most appealing chemistry of Shubho (Gurmeet Chaudhary), a fashion photography wizard loves unconditionally to Bijoya (Debina Bonnerjee), a leading supermodel of the showbiz industry. Their wedded life was hunky-dory when Bijoya is diagnosed with skin cancer on the spur of the moment.

This is followed by several dramatic sequences that lead to the acme of the movie.

With the central idea of the stature of sacrifice, the narrative opens in a cafe Where Shubho is picturized to be fallen in love with Bijoya. Bijoya idolizes him from the inner core of her heart and he also adores Bijoya in all sincerity. The twirl takes place when Bijoya is tested with a life-threatening disease, skin cancer and she culls to camouflage her ailment to salt away her husband from the shock. While Bijoya was perturb owing to her disease, Shubho meets with a major car accident which causes visual impairment to him.Shubho Bijoya Shubho Bijoya

Whether their lives were badly disconcerted, they didn’t loose aspirations. Bijoya supports Shubho as the strongest pillar by keeping him oblivious about her sickness. While Shubho pretended not to be clued up about her cancer so that her beloved wife couldn’t sense any type of inferiority before him. What a lovely care presented on screen!

The pair tries to live every moment of life till their last and that makes the story much impressionable, beautiful, and heart-touching. It goes to every corner of the heart and compels the audience to co-relate it with their own lives to some extent. Watch the movie and feel this depth of human sentiments.

If we discuss about the performances, both Gurmeet and Debina have done complete justice to their roles and they play a key role in making the film look ‘smooth just like butter. They appear real when both express their love for each other on-screen. While Gurmeet shocked his viewers by his outstanding talent, Debina gave goosebumps to the audience by her realistic transformation with a sick face and bald head. The scene where Bijoya’s takes her last breathe in Shubho’s lap is so heart-rending that you can’t stop the tears of your eyes.

Aarti (Khushboo Karva), the coffee shop owner performed as a friend of the newlyweds which looks above average. She could have given more space on the screen.

Salute to director Ram Kamal Mukherjee for showing 100% natural chemistry out of a real-life couple on screen. His direction is completely up to the snuff. Every scene is screened with great professionalism. He seeks the different aspects of love and unfolds the bitter-sweet moments in the relationship between the duo with a lot of lucidity. Now, it is the correct time for him to step into directing full-fledged feature films rather than making short ones. He has all traits of being a capable and experienced director which he poured in this film. In spite of some unrealistic aspects, the flick is truly a full dose of romance and emotions with a sense of true love that is threaded and televised well by Mukherjee.

Aditya Agnihotri took down the film in such a way that the small plot does not stretch to and fro. He penned the movie with total command over human sentiments. Simple and realistic dialogues such as “Zindagi…. Ek photographer ki zindagi bina uski aankho ke.’ and Kuch kahaniya aisi hoti hai Jinka climax ham sabhi jante hai. Phir bhi pata Nahi kiyun… ham unhe Baar Baar padhte hai,” sue the hearts of the audience deeply.

Dhrubo and Siddharth beguile the listeners with his music which has an ear-loving quality long after the film is over. The music mingles with the storyline perfectly. The song ‘Ravayatein’ looks much philosophical and also carries the story forward effectively.

Cinematographer, Modhura Palit presented her superb labor of love in it. Especially, the scenes of Bijoya’s sickness and surprising climax captured by her add a feather in the cap. On the other side, Bodhaditya Bonnerjee gains high grades with his capability to edit.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, this winter, the warmth of true, pure, and sterling relationship can be watched in this tragic’ yet heartwarming love story which is selected at Cardiff International Film Festival and streaming exclusively on Bigg Bang. Rather than watching other stuff, it will be intelligent to watch ‘Shubho Bijoya’.


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