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Kick start your New Year with the high-octane action thriller ‘Squad’

by Team Expresso

Fresh talent – check! Best locations – check! Full-on Action – double-check! This year-end, get cozy and buckle up to join the formidable force as the stage is all set for Squad to have its World Television Premiere only on &pictures.

The first-ever Indian film to be shot in picturesque Belarus, along with being visually stunning, is laced with high-magnitude fight choreography which will have you on the edge of your seats. Directed by Nilesh Sahay, Squad is the ultimate quest to save Hindustan ki beti, which takes you on a riveting journey of special agents on this mission. Helming the film, the very talented Rinzing Denzongpa and Malvika Raaj spread their debutant charm on-screen with the splendid Pooja Batra.

Talking about his debut film, Rinzing Denzongpa said, “Growing up I witnessed my father’s love for reading scripts and analyzing elements of it. So, when I signed up for Squad, it was because of the script and mind-bending action scenes. I was totally taken by the script and Nilesh’s narration of it all. The story felt fresh and my notion about the fight sequences were totally on par. The training was really life-altering as we were shooting in Belarus, in extremely cold conditions, so it really required all of my mental and physical strength. And you know, it’s easier and memorable when you have a strong team supporting you, encouraging you to push harder. So, all in all, Squad gave me a lifetime of experience and prepared me for extremities.”

 Talking about her experience, Malvika Raaj said, “Returning to the big screen as a leading lady who is an intense sharpshooter is something that I would’ve never thought but it was worth it. I took special training for the action scenes, worked tirelessly for hours to bring authenticity in my performance, and do justice to my very first project in the industry. It was a greatly exciting experience coupled with a lot of learnings that would go a long way. What made the experience all the more wholesome was having known Rinzing since we were kids, and being childhood friends, we had a blast starting our journeys together. The squad is an experience that is truly unforgettable and will always have a special place in my heart.”

“When I heard the narration of Squad, I knew I wanted to be a part of this story. Given its distinctive appeal to sci-fi and action-thriller lovers, I found Squad to be a very fresh amalgamation of all. And each and every one from the crew to the cast gave in their 100% to make this an exhilarating viewing experience,” added Pooja Batra.

A ground-breaking thriller drama film, Squad is a story that centres on securing a little girl who is a key to a secret. Special agents Bhim and Aria played by Rinzing Denzongpa, Malvika Raaj, and with a bunch of other brave hearts, make a Squad set out on a special mission to save the girl from the clutches of the evils of greed, and power. With edge-of-the-seat drama, it will be a fight that will make your seats tremble.

 Catch the action thriller drama with the World Television Premiere of Squad on &pictures on 31st December at 8 pm!

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