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Richa Chadha And Ali Fazal Celebrate World Music Day With An Array Of Activities

by Team Expresso

On the occasion of World Music Day, Richa Chadha and Krishan Jagota, the founders of the initiative- The Kindry, have a very special event planned on its handle.

On this musical day, they will celebrate kindness and compassion through the medium of music. Richa and Krishan joined by Ali Fazal would first be hosting a live session on World Music Day.Richa -Ali

During this session, they would act as moderators to numerous musical performances. The line-up of the live consists of renowned artists including Hollywood musician, Greg Ellis; Mohd Muneem, a popular singer and poet from the valleys of Kashmir; Nirali Kartik and Kartik Shah who are the founders of Maati Baani, a popular world music band that has a musical blend of Indian classical and world folk music.

Richa tells us, “The main object of The Kindry is to amplify stories of hope from around us, and sometimes a long essay may not communicate what a song can in a matter of minutes. Music can heal, music has no language. The live session is our way of giving a virtual, collaborative jam session and celebrating this day through kindness, and I think it’ll be a blast so I’d definitely suggest everyone tune in.”

Krishan says, “On this day, it is absolutely essential that everyone has free access to music. On The Kindry, it’ll be a celebration of coming together through the medium of music and magnifying emotions of kindness as well as compassion. Through this experience, we hope to connect and influence one another on the page even more positively.”

The duo went to feature budding musicians on their handle – specifically those that create something on the topic of humanism and kindness.

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