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You going to make feel rejuvenated by Auli

by Team Expresso

Bridal Kit-Auli

Natural and Organic cosmetics are the latest craze in the field of beauty and fashion. And why not? We, especially the women are always on the lookout for better products, and organic products happened to be one of them. Both women and men are more frequently choosing not to apply products with chemicals and possible noxious toxins that may irritate or damage the delicate skin. But even in the case of organic products, there are a countless number of products and brands available in the market, which makes it impossible to know which particular brand is the right and the most genuine one for your skin.

So to make things a little hassle-free for you, we have got the one-stop “organic” solution for all of your skin problems…the most effective, unique, lush skin and hair products, and most importantly, the one which caters to the need of every Indian’s skin type – AULI. AULI is a trending Bath & Beauty brand from Kolkata itself with a global footprint, owned by Aishwarya Biswas.

The Indulgent, Luxurious and Organic – AULI, started its journey from raw organic honey. AULI’s pure and organic honey is meticulously collected from the farms in the marshlands of the Sundarbans. As we know, how harmful is the processed sugar for our bodies, so AULI makes it a point that their raw honey is created with no added sugar and preservatives. To be more precise, this special honey is surely going to make you feel young and rejuvenated, both in and out. 

AULI is not just about products that nurture and gives you a chance to look and feel your best, but it is a lifestyle and wellness statement.

Along with their raw Honey, they have also started creating some amazing and highly beneficial Honey based products, which not only add a glowing touch to your skin but also makes it more healthy and nourishing from inside. The Bath and Beauty products are curated using honey, beeswax and premium natural, herbal and Ayurvedic ingredients sourced from quality organic produce, from across the country.

This natural, organic, vegetarian and cruelty-free skincare brand, combined with age-old wisdom and modern twists offers a wide range of products, which are well thought of and brought to life through painstaking research and development. All the products such as their Face Mist, Face Wash, Serum, Magic Potion (which is surely going to give you some magical results), Scalp & Hair Cleanser and many more are curated using high standard clarity and genuineness.

Not only this, but they have also launched an exclusive Consultancy Programme, where qualified team members interact with the customers to provide holistic, wellness makeovers as well as customized tips on skincare, hair care, and wellness habits.

AULI’s pamper packages and in fact, each product is an echo of not only Aishwarya’s heart, soul and core wellness beliefs but also of her expertise and experience. The products are a lush and tempting testament of the sincerity and hard work of the entire team, which will keep you glowing and feeling like a million bucks even on your bad days! So let’s all come together and have an exceptional and unique experience with this wonderful brand offering products made from an unadulterated and organic blend of natural ingredients. You can also get hold of their amazing and nourishing products available at their store in Salt Lake, and on different online shopping store.


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