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Happy Birthday Sanjay Dutt: Five Movies Of Bad Boy With A Gold Heart

by Team Expresso
Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt, who was born on July 29, 1959, turns 63. Despite his controversial past, the actor has become one of the industry’s most beloved figures. Sanjay Dutt usually keeps to himself when not on-screen, but the old school actor is admired for his grit and valour in both real and reel life. Sanjay Dutt was also recognised as the only star who would have an impact on Amitabh Bachchan’s career. Despite playing the bad guy in movies since his early years, he took a different career path that made him a hero. Since his debut in ‘Rocky’, the actor has demonstrated a talent for action and revenge dramas. He went on to evolve as one of the multi-faceted actors as he aced in almost every genre, including comedy. On the occasion of his birthday, here are 5 films which you will love even now.


Directed by: Sunil Dutt
Produced by: Amarjeet
Starring : Sanjay Dutt, Reena Roy, Tina Munim, Sunil Dutt
Cinematography: S. Ramachandra

Synopsis : Romantic action movie ‘Rocky’ was Sanjay Dutt’s debut film. It was directed by Sunil Dutt himself. Shamlal is a well-educated young man who works for Ratanlal in the construction industry. He is also the union leader, and he wants Ratanlal to enforce worker safety measures. Shamlal is accidentally killed before he can accomplish this, leaving behind his wife, Parvati, and their young son, Rakesh. After his father’s demise, Rakesh is adopted by Robert and Kathy. They called him Rocky. Rocky finds out about his actual mother and sets out to avenge his father’s death.


Directed by: Mahesh Bhatt

Produced by: Kumar Gaurav

Starring:  Nutan, Kumar Gaurav, Sanjay Dutt

Cinematography: Pravin Bhatt

Synopsis : Janki lives in a low-income family with her two sons, Ravi and Vicky, while Ravi works for an abusive boss, Mr Ghanshyam, and Vicky is unemployed and dreams of working in Dubai. Ravi meets Seema and they fall in love because Ravi cannot afford to send Vicky to Dubai. Ravi tries to get help from Seema’s father but is turned down. On the way, he notices an accident and notices that the car belongs to Mr Ghanshyam and goes to his house, but Ghanshyam begs him not to tell anyone because he will be jailed. Ravi decides to make a sacrifice and go to jail for a few months in exchange for Ghanshyam’s crime, after which he will compensate him.


Directed by: Mahesh Bhatt

Produced by: Mukesh Bhatt

Starring: Sanjay Dutt, Pooja Bhatt, Deepak Tijori

Cinematography: Pravin Bhatt

Synopsis :Ravi is a troubled young man who works as a taxi driver day and night in order to forget his horrific past. He goes to a brothel with his friend Gotya and falls in love with a prostitute named Pooja – but is met with strong opposition from the brothel’s owner, Maharani, who will not buckle under pressure or allow any of her prostitutes to fall in love with anyone.

Khal Nayak

Directed by: Subhash Ghai

Produced by: Subhash Ghai

Starring : Sanjay Dutt, Jackie Shroff, Madhuri Dixit

Cinematography: Ashok Mehta

Synopsis :Ballu (Sanjay Dutt) is a notorious, cunning, and unscrupulous criminal sought by the police for a slew of murders and thefts. Inspector Ram (Jackie Shroff) finally apprehends him, only to have Ballu escape right under his nose. So Ram’s lovely girlfriend Ganga (Madhuri Dixit) volunteers to go undercover in order to catch Ballu and help Ram’s reputation. Things become more complicated when Ballu falls for her and she discovers that she isn’t completely immune to his charms.


Produced by: Deepak Nikalje

Directed by: Mahesh Manjrekar

Starring : Sanjay Dutt, Namrata Shirodkar, Mohnish Bahl

Cinematography: Vijay Aroraa

Synopsis :Raghu (Sanjay Dutt), the son of Namdeo and Shanta (Shivaji Satam and Reema Lagoo), has not completed high school, whereas his younger brother Vijay (Mohnish Behl) has. Namdeo lends Raghu money to help him start a food stall. Raghu begins to make a decent living until he and his friends get into a brawl with a gangster’s brother one day. Raghu kills the gangster’s brother during the fight. Fracture Bandya, a gangster, is determined to kill Raghu, but a rival, Vitthal Kanya, takes Raghu under his wing. Raghu gradually rises through the underworld. He meets Sonu (Namrata Shirodkar), a prostitute, and marries her. Raghu becomes one of the most powerful gangsters in the underworld after killing the rupture gang.

Sanju Baba is one of Bollywood’s most versatile actors. Millions of his fans emulate his swagger, style, and dashing appearance. With his flawless acting abilities, he has always won hearts. He has received numerous awards and accolades and will continue to do so in the future.

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