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Celebrates This Independence Day With The Spirit Of Nationalism In Hearts

by Team Expresso
Independence Day
When the whole nation is filled with the celebration mood, why not give a patriotic flavor to the food. Celebrate this day with the spirit of nationalism in hearts, digging into the delightful food.
With its rich heritage of thousands of years- Delhi excels always- so also in food habits. Drawing inspiration from it, HOTEL ALKA CLASSIC brings you VEGA restaurant, delightful vegetarian heaven which gives you more than just a delicious meal. Established in 1982, VEGA brings you the finest art of Delhi’s vegetarian cuisine.Independence Day Independence Day Independence Day Independence Day Independence Day
Try out these dishes from Independence Day Special Menu for the tastiest 15th August Ever. The items are Tiranga Paneer Tikka, Dil A Hindustan Pulav, Rajwada Shahi Kofta, Tiranga Parantha, Sprite of India, and Tiranga Burfi.
Vega promises you an unrivaled eating experience and will have you coming back for more- a high level of craft and finesse combined with a passion for an authentic and wholesome experience ensures that simple dishes are transformed into a fine dining experience.

Vegan Bliss

Started by Rhea Shroff, Vegan Bliss aims to provide a range of sweet options for those who have specific dietary needs. Whether you follow the vegan diet, adhere to the paleo protocol, are pursuing a ketogenic diet, looking for diabetic friendly alternatives or simply conscious about what you put in your body, our products will cater to your unique needs.

Vegan Bliss creates Sweet Rounds of bliss that are made with real ingredients and are free from preservatives, chemicals, artificial flavors and colors that are harmful to your health. Each product is made with less than five ingredients and uses different nuts such as almonds, walnuts, cashews and pistachios as the main ingredients.

Celebrating patriotism with keeping yourself healthy is a perfect combination. Vegan Bliss introduces Independence Day Special to celebrate freedom in a special and unique form. You can choose from over 30 different Sweet Rounds. The Little Green Nut made from pure pistachios and coconut, Pure Bliss made from raw cashews and Orange Threads made from almonds with a hint of saffron and turmeric will not only satisfy your sweet tooth but will also nourish your body!

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