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MasterChef Australia S13: Five Coolest Dishes You Have To Try

by Team Expresso
Green Curry Cake

Slowly inching towards the finale, MasterChef Australia season 13 has been creating a buzz with the extraordinary talent and uniqueness every contestant brings to the kitchen. Etched strongly with cultural background, the contestants have been going all out with their one-shot chance on the most celebrated culinary reality show MasterChef Australia 13 streaming on Disney+ Hotstar Premium.

Taking a chance to appreciate 5 of the coolest dishes we came across in the season, that surely makes it to our list of trying new dishes this weekend. And for those who still are confused as to which one dish they shall try, we bring you the list you need.

 Ghevar with Carrot Sorbet – Dipender Chibber

The classic traditional Rajasthani sweet dish is something we have lurked on since childhood. Keeping the ethnicity of the dish alive, this rich dish was given a hint of freshness with the carrot sorbet. One can make this sorbet with ghee, grated carrot, cream, and egg – giving a homely dish a very fancy makeover.

 Carrot Side up – Tom Levick

The ‘Carrot Side up’ is not one for the faint-hearted. Crafted with acute precision and confidence, this dessert caught the judges off guard. Made with carrot, caster sugar, citric acid, flour amongst the many ingredients, it is worth all the hard work and preparation put into it, making it a weekend showstopper.Marshmallow and Rhubarb cake Goat Rezela with Paratha

 Marshmallow and Rhubarb cake – Nigella Lawson

To make something that looks gorgeous as Marshmallow and Rhubarb cake is the highlight of any cooking session. A good chance to show off your cooking skills with Masterchef Australia with these very creative delicacies. Cream, vanilla essence, egg, caster sugar, flour, trimmed rhubarb, and a whole lot of love – this simple recipe will keep everyone talking forever about how delightful it is.

Goat Rezala with Pratha – Kishwar Chaudhary

A basic desi dish with a twist of vi-desi spices. For a wholesome meal with the family that fills your heart and stomach completely. Made with paprika, yogurt, and rose water added to flavors from your kitchen, the dish is a total hit with parathas for a perfect dinner.

Green Curry Cake – Dipender

Last to our list is one of the highlights of this season. The dish-made sensation cannot be missing from this list. Made with a mix of weird combinations of ingredients like coconut cream, white onion, coriander, the mashed banana that together resulted in jaw-dropping dessert is what makes this a hit with the viewers.

Catch all the upcoming and interesting recipes of MasterChef Australia S13 only on Disney+ Hotstar Premium

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