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Priceless love from the audience is precious to me: Surya Sharma

by Rituparna
Surya Sharma

Surya Sharma, a well-known actor of Bollywood commenced his profession with Zee TV’s heartfelt dramatization show Kala Teeka. He has likewise performed successfully in ‘Veere Di Wedding’ and ‘The Rush Chairman’. Surya rose to distinction with the web series Hostages in which he played the part of Prince very effectively. Besides this, he shocked the viewers in his web arrangement Undekhi (2020).  Having seen the performance of Surya, the fans as well as critics called him a strong villain and a future superstar. Now, Surya is making a splash by his unforgettable role in Undekhi Season 2 on Sony Liv.

Expresso interacted with Surya regarding his success story and the making of Undekhi Season 2. Some pearls of the conversation are mentioned below:

The character of Rinku  Gangster is finally back and making the people hypnotized, so how did your heart react to it when you onset working on it?

Surya: I was very much excited to play Rinku once again on screen. Rinku always gives a special appearance to my heart. I sensed the same feelings which I felt during the shoot of season1.

In the entire series, your character Rinku is intriguing the viewers. How did this role overwhelmed you?

Surya: You know an actor feels a sense of professional fulfilment when he receives admiration from the audience. As an actor, I am extremely overwhelmed to play this role because it absorbed much hard work, care and attention to be performed effectively.

Challenges are not the obstacles, they are the right way to success. How challenging was it for you to do something like this?

Surya: It was really demanding to portray a different type of character like Rinku. During the first season, I was much busy in role preparation workshops for three months. In those workshops, a lot of concentrated homework was done. Learning the gesture, posture, lingual accent, body language of the character was hard to understand.  Following the point of view of the director was also challenging.

Research makes the work perfect. What special thing you learnt about this role during your research?

Surya: When I researched about this role, I came to know about various specialities of  Rinku. In my opinion Rinku is not a negative character, he is a man who is always ready to protect his family in every situation. It’s a genuine feeling of human heart. Secondly, he is very honest, protective and open hearted person. To some extent, these  qualities are existing in my personality also.

Working with well known faces is much remarkable in itself. How was your experience working with Harsh?

Surya: Harsh is a very humble person and a wonderful actor in the industry. Performing with him in entire series was an alluring experience. In season1, I used to be seated with him on shoot to talk him and to learnt a lot from his personality. This season, he taught me to become properly aware about the nearby happenings.

What kind of specific transformation did the whole journey left on you? Are you noticing any type of specific change in yours personality?

Surya: I shifted to Mumbai with a dream in my eyes to become a successful actor. During my entire journey  Season1 proved to be a success milestone. After the release and grand welcome of Undekhi, people onset questioning me when will season2 be released. The viewers were much eager to see the second season. This priceless love from the audience is precious to me. If I talk about personal transformation in me, I think nothing changed in my persona specifically.

Life is a tale of memories. Which incident is listed as the best memory of shoot from Undekhi season2?

Surya: You know, I have many remarkable memories which are unforgettable for me. As behind the scenes, I got enough chances to spend time with my co stars. All those off-screen experiences are enlisted as a part of my best memories. Besides it, the entire journey of Undekhi is memorable in itself.

Rinku is a remarkable character; it seems that there would be many challenges while performing this role effectively. Did you find it difficult for you to detach from the part after the shoot?

Surya: Obviously, it is difficult to come out from the character which you perform on-screen. When I completed season1, it was genuinely tough for me to return to my original persona. But after season2, that was not so challenging because I have already experienced it in previous season.

Your entire acting journey is great in terms of performances. Is there anything which you wish to come true in your future life?

Surya: To explore the world is a wish which I would like to see being true. Secondly, if I talk about of my reel life, I would love to perform as a soldier and an intense lover.

Rewards are always motivational. Tell me any rewarding moment of your life which is really close to your heart?

Surya: Now a days, people are so engaged in work that they don’t have enough time to interact with each other properly. In such conditions, receiving unconditional love from audience for your projects is much rewarding and respectful. I receive tremendous response from my fans for my performances and pray to God for the continuation of the same.

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