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Expiry Date Is All Set To Release October 2 On Zee5

by Team Expresso
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ZEE5 has earned the reputation of presenting some of the best thrillers in the webspace. After announcing the latest suspense thriller ‘Expiry Date’, the fans have been wanting more of it since then. The platform decided to give the audiences an early treat to stroke excitement by launching the teaser of ‘Expiry Date’ that is everything mysterious and dark.
The ten-episode series will star Sneha Ullal and Tony Luke in pivotal roles and will be seen in a passionate lip-lock together. Keeping you glued to the intensity of the mystery, the tease is an early gut punch that brings to light mysterious love affairs and its dark secrets. When anger and jealousy bite the dust, the equation of any relation changes. Followed by a series of betrayal, deceit and a lot more. But the questions is do relationships come with an expiry date?


Sneha Ullal expresses, “The teaser of Expiry Date is out and the audience gets a glimpse of what they can expect from the series, an early gut punch for all the avid thriller viewers. With every episode, the plot will thicken with tension and mystery. The ten-episode series premieres 2nd October and it is my digital debut so I am excited and nervous at the same time & looking forward for the fans to binge-watch Expiry Date on ZEE5.”

With one of its kind story, ‘Expiry Date’ is a suspense thriller that keeps you on the edge of the seat. Every episode will unfold a series of new twists tangled in the web of love and vengeance. The narrative of the thriller revolves around two couples and extramarital affairs they are involved in. The plot takes a turn when jealousy and anger bring about an inherent change in the nature of the protagonists and their deceiving, betraying and vicious nature comes to the forefront.
Directed by Shankar K Marthand, produced by Northstar Entertainment Pvt Ltd. The series will also star Madhu Shalini and Ali Reza and will release in Hindi and Telugu both.
Expiry Date is a ten-episode series set to premiere 2nd October on ZEE5


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